Continued CNA Training: Where to Obtain CPR Certification

cna trainingCNA Training

When you receive certification from a CNA training course, the education does not stop there. Continuing education is important for all healthcare professionals. You need to be knowledgeable in the current information and technology that is available for patient care. It is a federal law that CNAs obtain continuing education classes every year before re-certification. CPR is a life saving skill and is one of the required courses all CNAs must take. Many options are available when choosing how and where to receive the certification.

CPR Certification is available online for your CNA Training

  • If you choose to take an online CPR certification course, research the site and make sure it is credible.
  • Make sure you have the option of working with a live instructor. You will also need equipment so you will know you are performing CPR correctly.
  • Check with your employer to make sure that an online certification will be accepted. If is is not accepted and you have already taken the course, ask about a refund policy.

Find out who is sponsoring the CPR course for your Continued CNA training

  • Before you take a course, make sure the course is accredited. Legitimate courses will be accredited with either the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association.
  • Ask if you will receive a CPR card. A professional CPR course should provide a card to every member of the class. This shows you are capable of performing CPR in an emergency.

Your employer may offer CPR certification for you after your CNA Training

  • Many employers are now choosing to offer certain continuing education courses for  employees. These courses are sometimes called “Inservice”. This allows numerous employees to become certified at the same time.

Check the community colleges in your area for Continued CNA Training

  • Community colleges offer continuing education in a variety of occupations. The classes are often taught on the weekend when regular classes are not in session.
  • Call the school and request a catalog or check online for class schedule, registration information and any fees.

A daycare can offer the Continued CNA Training you need for your job

  • Daycare employees must be CPR certified and sometimes a course is offered for employees.
  • If you have children in daycare, ask the instructor if CPR certification is offered at the location.
  • Make sure you will receive certification in Adult, Child and Infant CPR.

Hospitals provide CPR certification year round for anyone who needs to take the course

  • If you work in a hospital, CNA training for CPR certification may have been an employment requirement. If not, ask your supervisor when classes are available.
  • Make sure to register early enough. Some instructors limit class size so each student can receive personalized attention.
  • Let your supervisor know when you are taking the class so you will have the time off from work.

CPR certification is a skill every graduate of a CNA Training program needs to have. It is not hard to find a class in your local area, but you must make sure the class will provide you with the information you need to save a life.

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