Conversations to Avoid After CNA Training

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You spend about half your waking life at work after CNA training, so there’s no doubt that at some point or another you are going to share an intimate detail of your life with your coworkers, and they will share some with you. Some details may be innocent, while other more risqué.


This may appear to be seemingly harmless conversation among friends, but it can be detrimental to your job. After CNA training, there are five discussions you need to avoid like the plague whenever you enter the break room.


5 Discussions to Avoid After CNA Training


  • Complaints- After CNA training, there is no doubt you are going to have a few complaints once you join the workforce. You may not like a certain resident who keeps throwing his lime Jello at you every time you enter the room, or you might not like how your supervisor favors one CNA over another. Whatever your complaints are, however, don’t discuss them at work or with your coworkers. If you have a problem, go to your boss or administrator; talk to them about the issues you are having directly. Remember, anything you say to a coworker may be misconstrued and twisted into something horrible by the time it reaches your boss after CNA training, so avoid it.


  • Gossip- Everyone loves a juicy piece of gossip as long as it isn’t about us, but after CNA training, it should be avoided. Keep your words as positive as possible when you are working after CNA training and don’t spread rumors or gossip. Your attention should be on caring for your patients, not the personal lives of your coworkers.


  • Politics- While most individuals think of politics as something that only refers to the government, a medical facility has its own problems you have to worry about. Your boss is like the president of your facility, so be very careful how you talk about them after CNA training. If you have a problem, become informed about policies and the individuals who make the policies. If you need to vent, discuss the issue with a safe person- not a coworker.


  • Religion- Religion is another discussion you should avoid in the workplace after CNA training. Remember that this is America, a country founded on freedom of religion; this means that each and every one of your coworkers may be of a different religion, and you shouldn’t force yours down their throat. If they ask what you believe in, answer them, but don’t discuss it otherwise.


  • R-rated Conversations- If you wouldn’t tell a story in front of your children, or anyone else’s children, don’t tell it to your coworkers. Your coworkers might find it interesting, but management may begin to wonder if you are truly the right person for the job and whether you are the person they want representing their company.


Conversation No-No’s After CNA Training


Hanging out in the break room with your coworkers can be fun after CNA training, but you have to be careful what you say to them. Avoid R-rated conversations, complaints, politics, and religion if you want to keep your job and be seen as a great CNA after CNA training.

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