Dealing With a Diva Nurse After CNA Training

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It doesn’t matter what career field you choose, sooner or later you’re going to run into a diva. This is even true after CNA training. Diva nurses who float around the hospital or nursing home like they own it, make unreasonable demands, and throw temper tantrums when things don’t go their way can really be problematic when you’re trying to be professional after CNA training. So how do you deal with them? Here are a few tips for dealing with these drama queens in a way that won’t get you fired.

Dealing With the Drama After CNA Training

  • Stay Calm- Some nurses love the rise they get out of others, and will actually throw a fit or begin yelling just to get you to react after CNA training. It may seem a little weird and narcissistic, but it’s true. If you can stay calm and simply ignore their loud and obnoxious behavior, they’ll eventually give up trying. (And yes, we know that this resembles how one might deal with a toddler tantrum. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.)
  • Set Boundaries and Limitations- While nurses may be a paid grade above you and have more experience than you have after CNA training, this doesn’t mean you have to put up with whatever they decide to dish out. You can let them know they have crossed the line by informing them that their behavior is unacceptable. While they may react like you’ve just slapped them across the face, it’s your right to be treated with respect, even by those who outrank you.
  • Don’t Give in to the Snark- A good comeback always makes you feel better, but responding with a sarcastic or snarky comment will only exacerbate the situation. You don’t necessarily have to remain calm, but you should bite your tongue and assume a generic facial expression. If you don’t look like you’re taking the bait after CNA training, the diva nurse will most likely leave you alone.
  • Get Some Help- The more CNAs who can witness the nurse’s bad behavior after CNA training, the better. I’ve heard stories about hospital CNAs who developed secret signals they would use whenever a nurse or doctor got out of hand. When the signal was used, all of the CNAs and nurses would gather around the diva silently and act as witnesses. This will not only help if a report needs to be filed later, but it also might embarrass the nurse enough that he or she stops their behavior and begins acting like a rational adult again.
  • Leave if You Need to- After CNA training, you want to act like a professional, but that doesn’t mean allowing yourself to be beat up emotionally or verbally. You can still be a professional and say “We’re both getting angry. I’m going to leave for ten minutes so we can both calm down, and we can talk more after I come back.” The majority of the time, the nurse will leave you alone and allow you to cool off- and allow themselves to cool off- so you can both continue the discussion without yelling.

After CNA Training: Dealing With a Diva

Do you have a Diva or two working with you? Stay calm and use these tips to deal with them after CNA training.

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