Dealing With a Weak Stomach After CNA Training

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Despite all of your CNA training and the occupation you have chosen, you are still human; there are going to be sights and smells that run your stomach and want to make you run from a room. After CNA training, though, your patients depend on you to fight through these feelings and assist them, no matter how difficult the process might be.

Is there something in particular you are squeamish about? Maybe it’s vomit, incontinence, blood, or sputum. While there may not be a solution to overcoming these problems entirely, there are simple steps you can take to help.

Overcoming a Weak Stomach After CNA Training

  • Mints- Not only will mints ensure you always have fresh breath when you are talking to your patients and coworkers, but their strong scent can also overpower the scent of certain smells you may come across after CNA training. Invest in a few packages and take them to work with you so you are always prepared.
  • Vapor Rub- Don’t like mints? Consider applying a thin layer of vapor rub to your upper lip. This will block out any smells you come across during your employment after CNA training.
  • Look Away- Sometimes it isn’t the unpleasant smells that get to us, but the actual sight of unpleasant things. If you are caring for a patient who can’t stop vomiting, you aren’t going to want to leave their side. However, your weak stomach may quickly inform you that the sights you are seeing are going to have a nasty consequence. After CNA training, you can overcome this by looking away from the vomit. Instead of focusing on something that turns your stomach after CNA training, focus on something else instead, like your patient’s face or the wall behind the bedpan.
  • Sympathy- Like most CNAs, you probably care a great deal for your patients and hate seeing them feel so ill. If you can focus on that sympathy, you may be able to keep your mind from becoming occupied with what is actually occurring.
  • Sing- If you are like some CNAs, including myself, the actual sound of vomiting can send  you over the edge. Instead of listening to the retching, focus on a different sound. If there is nothing to focus on, begin humming or singing to yourself. Not only will this distract you after CNA training, but the right song may help to comfort your patient while they are feeling so ill.
  • Laugh- There is a theory that when you laugh, your gag reflex is unable to operate like it should, and you can actually prevent yourself from vomiting after CNA training. While this may or may not be true, it is definitely something that is worth a try. However, make sure you take the time to explain to your patient what you are doing before you begin laughing to avoid vomiting. Otherwise, your patient may be offended and think you are laughing at their sickness.

A weak stomach doesn’t mean you can’t be a great CNA. Use these tips to get through those tough situations after CNA training.

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