Dealing With Negative Situations After CNA Training

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If you work in a hospital after CNA training, you are going to work as a part of a team. However, even though each individual in your team is important, you, and everyone else, are going to be concerned most about numero uno. It isn’t your team’s work that is going to provide you with that promotion you have been seeking, help you get a raise, or keep your position with the medical facility after CNA training. That will all be up to you.

Navigating the waters, though, can be like walking through a minefield. There are potentially negative situations happening all around you, and defusing them, or at least handling them correctly is essential. Here are some common situations you might face after CNA training and how to deal with them.

Tricky Situations After CNA Training

  • Caught in the middle- You are sitting in the break room after CNA training when a coworker walks in and begins complaining about how unfair her supervisor is. Or perhaps you are standing in the hall when your supervisor and a department head begin yelling at one another. Taking sides in these types of situations can only cause trouble after CNA training, so learn how to deal with it. Be empathetic if your coworker needs to vent, but don’t agree. You never know who might have the ear of the boss and a little venting on your part could result in the loss of a promotion.
  • Patients you can’t handle- You don’t ever want to have to admit to your director of nursing that even with all your CNA training, you can’t take care of a patient. However, if you are asked to provide care to a patient and it is out of your scope of practice or you don’t know what you are doing, then ask for help! If the patient is difficult to work with, ask for help! There is no harm in asking, and you will be promoting your patient’s safety by doing so.
  • You Make a Mistake- Everyone, at one point or another, makes some type of mistake in their lives after CNA training. The mistakes may be harmless, or they may be dangerous. Whatever, the mistake, don’t try to cover it up. Admit your mistakes, apologize, and explain what happened. Then, either ask for help in fixing it or provide a solution that will not only fix the problem, but make you look honest and responsible after CNA training.
  • Sexual Harassment?- It is never alright to experience sexual harassment in a hospital after CNA training, but what if you aren’t sure if a situation qualifies as sexual harassment? The first thing you should do in this situation is speak to the person responsible and ask them to stop whatever they are doing or saying. If you aren’t comfortable, or they don’t stop, talk to your supervisor. They will know exactly what to do to protect you against this negative situation after CNA training.

Negative situations may be difficult to overcome, but you can easily by using these tips after CNA training.

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