Dealing With Rejection After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

Each year, thousands of students graduate from CNA training with one goal in mind: finding that first job. While positions are abundant throughout the United States, that doesn’t always mean it will be easy to find a job after CNA training. In fact, sometimes it can be downright difficult.

If you’ve been receiving rejection after rejection and are tired of applying and submitting your resume, you aren’t alone. There are many more CNAs just like you. However, that doesn’t mean you should wallow in sadness and give up the dream. Instead, here are a just a few ways to handle the rejection and move forward.

Handling Rejection After CNA Training

  • Remember Why You Became a CNA- CNA training wasn’t about finding another “job,” it was about finding your true calling. You have a responsibility to share your knowledge, your passion, and your gift with the world. Don’t let a few rejections get in the way.
  • Reapply Often- While there may not be a position available at the medical facility of your choice this month, that doesn’t mean there won’t be one next month. Don’t stop trying, and remember that many locations will only hold your resume for thirty days. After that, reapplying is necessary in order to keep your chances high.
  • Volunteer- The old adage “You have to have experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience” could cause you a lot of trouble right after CNA training. However, there are ways around it. Volunteer at your local nursing home or hospital. Get some hands-on experience that will brighten up your resume and make you seem like a more appealing applicant.
  • Network- Have friends or family in the medical field? Put those networking skills to work. You never know what a well-placed compliment will get you, especially if it’s coming from a friend to a facility’s DON.
  • Have a Plan B- Sure, you may have been dreaming about working at this medical facility since before you started CNA training, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Don’t pin all your hopes and dreams on one place. Instead, widen your search. There are probably a number of facilities in the area that would be happy to take a look at your resume and would love to have you come work for them. You can’t wait around forever; after all, you’ve got bills to pay.
  • Move it Out- If no facilities in your area are hiring, it might be time to consider your priorities. If you want to become a successful CNA after CNA training, then moving may be your only option. Find a city that will appreciate your CNA training and will be able to give you the paycheck you deserve.
  • Find Out Why- If you keep getting rejected from job after job after CNA training, the problem may simply be you. Talk to your interviewers the next time you don’t get the position. Find out what might have gone wrong. Maybe it’s your perfume or grammar mistakes on your resume. These are fixable and could mean the difference between getting and not getting your next job.

Ready for your career? If rejection is getting you down, use these tips to get back up after CNA training.

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