Differences Between College Students and Student Nurses

nurseThere are many similarities between student nurses and typically college students. Each is looking for something more in life, something to give their life purpose. Each is determined to make a career that will make their future a brighter one. And each may be dedicated to their studies. However, most of the similarities end there.


Student Nurses vs. College Students

So what are some of the difference between your average college students and student nurses?

  • The Reveal- When the average college student is accepted to a college or university, their reaction is one of excitement. It’s a time to celebrate, isn’t it? Soon they will be out from under their parents’ shadow and on to bigger and brighter things- including that fraternity or sorority they have their heart set on. Student nurses, on the other hand, know that their college life isn’t going to be fun and games. While there will be some celebrating, the realization that they have essentially given up their social life until graduation sets in quickly.
  • Class Schedule- Typical students often aim for classes in the afternoon, preferably not on a Monday- or a Friday either. They need time to get ready for and recover from the weekend. Student nurses, on the other hand, often don’t have much of a choice. You’ll find them in the library at midnight on a Sunday studying and in the classroom Monday at 8:00 am taking their first test of the day.
  • Studying- When the average college student is assigned 150 pages of reading, they may or may not complete it, and usually only one time. If they score an 89 percent on an exam, they consider it to be a good thing. Student nurses, however, will typically read and reread those pages in preparation for the exam. They still might fail it. What’s worse, they’ll be left with the guilt of killing a patient that never existed.
  • Family Time- Normal college students call home to beg mom and dad for money. They visit for home-cooked meals and so mom can make their bag of dirty laundry magically clean. Student nurses may do the same, but they tend to shy away from communicating with distant relatives and family friends who constantly pry them with questions about “this weird place on my leg” or symptoms of the Ebola virus.
  • Food- Most college students love spending time with their friends in the mess hall, eating to their heart’s content or even sharing a pizza on the quad. Nursing students, on the other hand, have their eyes opened daily to the dangers of bacteria in public places. Don’t be surprised if they open used text books using gloves, either.
  • Social Life- The average college student finishes his or her classes for the week and spends the weekend enjoying their newfound freedom. Parties, movies and dinner with friends are on the agenda. Student nurses crave this social life too, and will attempt to have it. A 1,500-word essay usually gets in the way, however. Or sleep. Oh sweet sleep.

Thinking about becoming a student nurse? While your college experience may not be the same as someone who is getting a degree in accounting, the end will be worth it when you become an LPN or registered nurse.

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