Dos and Don’ts for Earning a Bigger Paycheck After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

We all know how much you love your career and how much CNA training has changed your life. It’s been fantastic to care for patients through the years, and you wouldn’t trade any moment for the world. While you may be satisfied with your job, however, that doesn’t always mean you’re satisfied with your paycheck.

CNAs often have a difficult time asking for raises and admitting they want to earn more money. Many believe they are casting a shadow over the care they provide if they think of their career in terms of money. Unfortunately, money makes the world go round, and you can’t pay your bills if you don’t have enough of it.

Your Paycheck After CNA Training

While a heftier paycheck may be what you’re wanting, making it sure it happens after CNA training isn’t always a simple matter. You have to put some effort into it, and follow these simple dos and don’ts.

  • Do be determined to continue your education with more CNA training. The more education you have, the more likely it is that your employer will be willing to improve your hourly wage or salary. Keep learning as much as possible through free and paid classes offered by your local college, online, and your own medical facility.
  • Do be a leader for change in the workplace. If your employer wants to form a committee to discuss and change anything from the type of lotion you use to the food that is served in the dining hall, be one of the first to sign up after CNA training.
  • Do be willing to explore other options. Sometimes you just can’t get what you need from a certain medical facility. They may not be willing to part with additional money or may not have the financial ability to provide you with a raise after CNA training. Be willing to make a change and explore other facilities in other areas. Even if you only move to the next county, you may be able to earn a few more dollars and hour.
  • Don’t complain. No one likes a negative Nelly, and you are far less likely to be put up for a hefty raise if all you ever do is complain. Enjoy your job as much as possible.
  • Do work as much overtime as possible. While this isn’t the same as earning a raise, it can make a difference when it comes to your paycheck after CNA training. When your boss asks for volunteers to work an extra shift or simply work a few hours after your current shift, raise your hand. While you might be a little more tired, the time and a half on your paycheck will be worth it.

Earning a Higher Paycheck After CNA Training

Are you struggling to get by and considering asking for a raise? Don’t be ashamed of this; it doesn’t mean you love your job any less. Money is a crucial part to our lives, and knowing how to earn a higher paycheck is just as important. Use these tips to make sure you do it correctly after CNA training.

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