Dressing for an Interview After CNA Training

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Finally becoming a CNA training graduate is an achievement worth bragging about, but you have very little time to do so. Once you finish your CNA training exam and are given your certification, you’ve got to put in the time and effort to figure out how your new career is going to start. In today’s economy, this can take weeks, if not months. While CNA positions are readily available, they are also often snatched up quickly by CNAs with more experience than you’ll have right out of the gate.

So, when you finally do get a call back after CNA training, you have to be as ready as possible for the interview that is to come. This means you’ll need to be prepared to answer some difficult questions, but it also means you need to take the time to prepare yourself visually for the interview.

Dressing for Your Interview After CNA Training

When it comes to dressing for an interview as a CNA training graduate, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The Clothes- It’s always best to overdress than underdress for any job interview, and when it comes to a post CNA training interview, there’s no exception. You have a couple of options. You can go with a nice, dressy ensemble such as a suit, or a dress shirt with a skirt or slacks. Another option, however, is wearing scrubs. While they may not be “dressy,” wearing scrubs to your interview shows the interviewer that you are ready for the job. It helps them picture you as someone who is already on the hospital or nursing home floor, using your CNA training skills. Be careful when choosing the type of scrubs to wear, however. For an interview, low-key colors without patterns are best. No matter what, make sure the scrubs are wrinkle-free and clean.

In addition, be careful of the style of scrubs you choose to wear. Anything that shows off too much skin or doesn’t fit your body well should be avoided.

Makeup and Jewelry- Keep your jewelry and makeup modest. Your makeup after CNA training should simply highlight your natural features, not take away from them. Bright colors and heavy eye shadow and blush can pull focus away from the interview. When it comes to jewelry, keep it simple as well. Wear your wedding ring and a watch with a second hand; the watch will again show the interview you are ready to get to work.

Tattoos- Keep in mind that working in a facility that provides sensitive care to seniors and other patients is different than working at a convenience store or gas station. Your patients may not be used to seeing skin art, and some may even find it to be disrespectful. Keep it covered for your interview to show your future employer you will respect the wishes of your patients.

Smile- Smiling is part of the job description after CNA training. Take it seriously. While you may be uncomfortable during the interview, there are many points throughout your career that you’ll be uncomfortable as well. Staying calm and smiling will show your future employer how well you can handle the pressure.

After CNA Training: Be Prepared

Are you ready for your interview? Make sure you know how to dress for a potentially life-changing interview after CNA training.

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