During CNA Training: Where to Find Free Practice Tests for Your State Exam

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At some point during CNA training you should take a practice test for the state exam. You may want to take a couple of different ones, so you will need to find a few places that offer them. Most schools have practice tests and after hours test preparation classes for students who have difficulty taking tests in general. It is a good idea to save the school practice test for after you have taken a few others.

CNA Training Practice Tests Online

One of the first places a CNA training student can look for a practice test is on the Internet. Do not pay for a practice exam. The sites that want you to pay for them have nothing more than the sites that offer them for free. You should try the following websites and take advantage of everything they offer at no cost.

  • State Board of Nursing for the state where you will be working. This website has all kind of information you will need at some point in your career. If they do not have a practice exam, they can point you to one elsewhere. To locate your particular state‚Äôs nursing board, visit the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and select your state.
  • Med-Care training website. This site not only has a lot of information you will find handy during CNA training, it also has twelve different practice tests you can take.
  • Pearson Education website. You will find practice exams for many different states on this website.

Practice Exam Books for CNA Training

Most CNA Training books have at least one practice exam at the back of the book. Check the one you use for school to see if it is there. There are also practice exam books available online, at college bookstores and in libraries. Get together with a couple of friends and spend an afternoon at a library going over different tests. Some students have been known to check out a book at the last part of their training and keep going over the exams.

Other Students in Your CNA Training Class

Talk with the students you are going to school with and see what practice exams they have. There are many different versions of the test available, if you get together with friends, you may have enough different tests to work on one a week. After you have finished one, trade them off for another one. If you know students who have already taken the exam and passed, ask them if they will go through one of your exam books and highlight things they find important.

Whether or not you freeze up when you have to take a test, you should still prepare yourself for the state certification test by going over practice tests. Often these tests will have actual questions that are common on the exams. The better prepared you are, the better you will do. While you are able to take the state exam more than one time, your nerves will be worse if you fail and need to take it again. Everything you do and learn in CNA training comes down to how well you perform on the test.

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