Duties You Will Perform in a Hospital After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

When you complete CNA training, you will have the option to work in many different locations, like nursing homes, for home health agencies, and daycare centers. One of the most common locations you can work, however, is in a hospital.


Many states will allow those who have finished CNA training to work in hospitals, and this type of employment will keep you busy with several different tasks. Some of these duties will be very similar to the ones you are expected to perform in nursing homes, however, some are a bit different.



Duties After CNA Training in a Hospital


In a hospital, you aren’t limited to working with one specific type of patient. There are several departments you can find employment in. This means that after CNA training, you could be caring for the old, the young, and everyone in between. You could be caring for the terminally ill, those who are giving birth, or patients who are suffering from illnesses or injuries. No matter what, you will be required to perform many of the following tasks after CNA training.


  • Intake- If you work in a hospital emergency room, you will most likely be asked to help the nursing staff with intake. This often includes taking vital signs, like the patient’s temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen level, and pulse. You will need to write all of this information down in the patient’s chart, like you learned while you were taking CNA training. Then, you may also be required to take the patient’s history and determine why they decided to visit the emergency room before the patient sees a doctor. You will perform the same type of intake for the in-patient section of the hospital as well.


  • Transport- After CNA training, you will be required to transport patients to different areas of the hospital. The majority of the time, you will only be transporting non-critical patients, but the job is important none-the-less. You may be asked to take a patient to his room, to get a test done, or to simply see a doctor. When you are transporting, you may have to work with technical equipment, like IVs, blood pressure monitors, and oxygen tanks; you will need to be able to transport all of these devices while you are moving the patient after CNA training.


  • Call Bells- Just as you would in a nursing home after CNA training, you will need to answer patient’s call bells while you are working in a hospital. You should always answer as quickly as possible, although you may not always be able to assist them with what they need. If they want an extra blanket, need to use the bathroom, or their catheter needs emptied, you can perform these tasks because you were taught how to complete them in CNA training. However, if they have a medical question or medical problem, you should always let them know you will have a nurse or the doctor talk to them, and then pass along the information to the right person.



Other Duties After CNA Training


After CNA training, you will be required to perform other duties in a hospital environment as well, like bathing, dressing, and feeding patients. You will perform perineal care, oral care, nail care, and foot care as well. If you are interested in working in a hospital, make sure you pay close attention to every detail of your CNA courses. You will use them all after CNA training.

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