Enjoy the Perks of Life After CNA Training!

cna trainingCNA Training

When it comes to working as a CNA after CNA training, you would probably tell most individuals who asked that you love your job because it is exciting, fun, and very rewarding. You might say you have always dreamed of working with and caring for those in need. Then you might explain how easy it was to sign up for CNA training, and how quickly you were able to obtain your education and start on a career path that really matters.

While much of this is probably true, there’s nothing like a big paycheck and few perks to make your job after CNA training that much sweeter. Well is there?

Perks to Enjoy After CNA Training

  • Free Food- When I was working in home health after CNA training, we had monthly inservices that lasted for several hours. These inservices were often held during a weekday at lunch time. While giving up any free time might have been a bit difficult, it was well worth it for the free food! Most inservices were pitch-ins, where all of the CNAs and home health workers would bring one dish to contribute to the meal. Other times, however, our supervisors would spring for pizza or subs.
  • Time Off- One of the biggest perks I experienced during my time working at the nursing home in my town after CNA training was the weekend schedules. If you are privileged enough to work at a facility like this, you will understand how important a proper weekend schedule is. Ours was set up to prevent anyone from having to work two weekends in a row, unless of course a CNA volunteered to work weekends only. This allowed me, and my fellow co-workers to enjoy every other weekend off, spend time with our families, and prevented us from developed burnout.
  • Set Shifts- Where did you decide to work after CNA training, and what type of shifts does your facility offer? We all know that rotating shifts can be hard on the body and mind. You are much more likely to feel tired and make mistakes when you are on a rotating shift. If your facility has set shifts, you will be able to maintain a proper sleep schedule and be alert and ready for work after CNA training.
  • Fast Pace- While everyone thinks a slow night in the ER might be a great option, at least every once in a while, consider what this would mean. Slow nights means sitting there, staring at the clock, trying not to fall asleep, and waiting for your shift to end. A fast paced environment is just what many need after CNA training. It helps them stay alert and keeps them busy so their shift flies by quickly.

Recognize Your Perks After CNA Training

It isn’t always easy to see what perks you are being offered after CNA training, especially if you take them for granted. Take a step back and really think about what your facility really provides for you, and you may find that you are getting more than you thought you would out of CNA training.

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