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With the recent increase in demand for trained Certified Nursing Aides and Assistants there has been a lot of media attention surrounding opportunities for cheap or free training. Many of these offers are genuine opportunities but unfortunately, as with any high demand sector there are people looking to capitalise on the goodwill and naivety of others. So what are the risks and advantages to seeking out free CNA training? And how do you spot a fraud?

Free CNA Training Info

What institutions provide free CNA training?
There are 3 main types of funded CNA training:

  • Training funded health care providers such as aged care facilities who are having difficulty meeting trained staffing requirements and are therefore in a position to offer an unqualified individual the chance to attend training whilst working.
  • Government funded scholarships which often have specific criteria such as candidates must have been unemployed or on disability benefits for a certain length of time. These scholarships are designed to promote social mobility, allowing marginalized or disadvantaged citizens a chance to get qualified in a growth industry whilst meeting growing health care demands.
  • Private or public health care facilities that offer training in exchange for a certain number of hours work. You effectively work off your further education debt over an agreed period of time.

What do I look for in a free education provider?

  • Make sure you know the exact details of the CNA training you are being provided with, what is included in the free course and what is not. You want your education or training provider to be forthcoming with information and make sure you get written confirmation of all of the details of the free education scheme.
  • Ensure you are aware of any obligations you may have to the providers or associated bodies as a result of the CNA training program.
  • Look for a provider whose schedule and requirements you are confident you can meet.
  • Shop around and double check any information supplied to you.
  • Ensure your CNA training provider is accredited.

What are the warning signs of a CNA training scam?
There are many and varied scams involving education programs and training. CNA training scams that have emerged in recent times tend to have one or more of the following traits:

  • The education provider requires a ‘refundable’ processing fee or deposit
  • The education provider uses information copied from another website
  •  The education provider only communicates via email
  • The education provider does not supply you with clearly defined contracts and/or information
  • The education provider is unable to provide you with accreditation details
  • The education provider is not requesting anything at all in return for the CNA training
  • The course appears to be much shorter than at other institutions for apparent reason.

Where can I go for more information?
The Office of Fair trading and consumer affairs watchdogs will be able to assist you with any issues regarding fraudulent transactions, and nursing forums and websites can provide you with valuable information about CNA training schemes to avoid.

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