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Education and training of any description can be expensive. Not only is there the upfront costs such as course fees, text books and the like but there is also the financial demands created by taking time off work, putting kids into day care and the potential cost of commuting to and from lessons and placement. But what if you could get those initial upfront fees taken care of? We’ve compiled a brief guide to most popular and prominent free training options out there at the moment for your perusal.

Free CNA Training Options

What privately funded CNA training options are available?

Nursing homes are the employers that most commonly take on unqualified nursing assistants and offer them CNA training as a benefit and condition of their employment. Most states and cities will have multiple nursing homes that offer such schemes. The best way to find these free CNA training courses and employment is to approach your local nursing homes and residential care facilities. If none of your immediately local aged care and palliative care facilities offer this style of employment then consider going further afield. But beware the further afield you go the further you will have to travel each day to work and training. Privately funded education scholarships are another valuable education funding option. They do usually require application criteria and process but the scholarship providers will often provide you with all of the information you need to apply and are normally more than happy to answer any questions relating to the application.

What federal government funded CNA training options are available?

The federal government provides a limited amount of funding to eligible individuals to commence CNA training. The U.S. Department of Education has a specific office to deal with adult and vocational training. This office has details about any available grants and programs. The governmental grants website www.grants.gov has a searchable database that has Certified Nursing Assistant grants listed when available.

What state government funded CNA training options are available?

Not all states offer funding for CNA training. Contact your state’s education and training department for details.

Why do providers offer free CNA training?

  • Nursing Homes – Nursing homes are experiencing a shortage of trained nursing assistants and one way that they can remedy this shortage is to train unqualified staff. These staff may be required to work at the facility for a certain period of time.
  • Private Scholarships – Private scholarships are often charities and businesses that deliver the scholarships as part of their philanthropic commitment to the community.
  • Federal and State Government – The federal government and state governments are trying to bridge the gap between the demand for trained nursing assistants and the current availability of CNAs by encouraging people to undertake CNA training. This also helps to reduce unemployment figures.

Are all free training options legitimate?

Unfortunately as with any high demand area there are always scams trying to take advantage of people’s trust and goodwill. Always ask yourself, what does the institution get out of training you? Does it seem too good to be true? Always check the legitimacy of your education provider.

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