Expectations of Your Supervisor After CNA Training

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Are you a mom or dad? If so, you understand exactly what expectations can mean. When your children know what you expect from them, perhaps before you enter the grocery store, they know how you want them to act, and what could happen if they do the opposite. Wouldn’t it be nice if every part of your life was that easy? What if you could walk into work after CNA training and know what you needed to do to please your supervisor so you never had to worry about facing disciplinary action?


When you begin working after CNA training, it may be difficult to understand exactly what your supervisor expects of you, especially if they aren’t clear about it. For those CNAs who work with supervisors that don’t make their expectations clear, here are a few tips on what they may not be saying.

Expectations After CNA Training


  • Show up on Time- When you are working at a medical facility after CNA training, your supervisor is going to expect you to show up on time to work. This shouldn’t be surprising; all bosses feel this exact same way. If you have ever been employed, you should know showing up on time to work is not only an expectation, but a strict rule.


  • Do Your Job- You are not being paid to answer the text on your phone, check your Facebook status, or talk to your co-workers about your weekend. While there is a time and a place for fun activities, it typically isn’t the workplace in the middle of your shift. After CNA training, make sure you are ready to do your job each and every time you walk through the front doors of your medical facility. You are there to care for your patients, and they deserve your complete attention.


  • Ask for Help- You may have learned quite a bit in CNA training, but that doesn’t mean you know everything. If you are struggling with a particular skill or aren’t sure if you are performing a task correctly, don’t make your patients suffer for it. Your supervisor expects, and even encourages, you to ask for help. After CNA training, additional help can assist you in becoming a better CNA and help you provide better care for your patients.


  • Be Prepared- One of the most important things your supervisor will expect when you arrive at work is for you to be prepared. Wear appropriate scrubs, have an extra set in your locker or car in case yours become soiled, have your stethoscope, and carry pen and paper with you to take notes whenever necessary. These items will help you be prepared for anything that may happen in the workplace, and that is important after CNA training.


  • Be Safe- In everything you do after CNA training, your supervisor expects you to be as safe as possible. This not only protects you, but your co-workers, the medical facility, and your patients.


Meeting Expectations After CNA Training


When you are working after CNA training, you may not realize what your supervisor expects of you. Understanding the basic expectations is important, however, because it helps you be more secure in your job and avoid problems after CNA training.

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