Explaining a Spotty Work History on Your Resume After CNA Training

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Finding employment after CNA training can be difficult, and it sure doesn’t help if you also have a spotty work history. In today’s economy, where jobs are few and far between, a spotty past employment can make you seem unstable. This means many employers may pass over your application without looking twice.


While employment gaps from ten years ago won’t make much of a difference when you are looking for a job after CNA training, more recent period of unemployment, spanning months or years, will have a definite impact. If your resume seems a little too spotty and are worried you may not be able to obtain employment after CNA training, you need to begin strategizing.



Handling Unemployment Gaps After CNA Training


Unemployment gaps in your resume don’t have to affect your ability to find a job after CNA training. Consider the following strategies and tips when you are hunting for employment.


  • Although you were unemployed, you probably didn’t sit on the couch all day eating bon-bons and watching reruns of Married With Children. What did you do? Did you volunteer, become more involved in your church, take on special projects, or continue your education during this time? You may not realize it at first, but this experience could be relevant to the position you are applying for, regardless of whether you received a paycheck.


  • If you were only unemployed for a few months between your recent jobs, downplay your work chronology by eliminating the specific months you were employed and just listing the years. Then, draw your employer’s attention to your skills, your goals as a CNA, and the education you received from CNA training.


  • Being unemployed because you were raising your family, caring for a sick family member, continuing your education, or recovering from an injury are nothing to apologize for. In reality, there is no shame in being out of work, so keep a positive attitude about it and make sure your attitude is reflected in your resume.


Explaining Short Periods of Employment After CNA Training


Many professions only require short periods of employment, so explaining job-hopping is not always a concern. However, in many occupations, it may be viewed as instability. Here are just a few tips to ensure your resume looks fantastic after CNA training, no matter what.


  • If you were employed in similar positions, where companies and job titles were similar, you may be able to group these positions together under one heading. For instance, if you worked at two daycare facilities as an assistant teacher before you decided to undergo CNA training, you could list these positions together, like this:


Assistant Daycare Teacher- 1st Company, 2nd Company 2009- 2011


  • On a resume, you don’t necessarily need to include every position you have ever held. Short-term employment can easily be omitted. Keep in mind, though, if you are required to fill out a job application, you are legally required to list a complete work history.


  • Use your cover letter to explain any job-hopping that might have occurred in your past, and make sure you are positive about it. Perhaps you weren’t offered long-term employment, you weren’t able to receive the raise in pay you expected, or you had to move out of state. Make sure to inform your potential employer that you are interested in long-term work with their health care facility in your cover letter.


A spotty work history can make it hard to find employment after CNA training, especially with this economy. With these tips, though, you can easily handle unemployment gaps and job-hopping that may have occurred and ensure you aren’t passed up for your dream position after CNA training.



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