Factors That Could Affect Your Employment After CNA Training

cna trainingCNA Training

Will you be graduating from CNA training soon? If so, there’s a good chance you are probably already looking for a job and are beginning to wonder exactly what your new employer is going to be looking for when and if he decides to hire you right out of school. While it varies from place to place, there are four key factors that should be considered when you finish CNA training if you want to start working right away.


After CNA Training: What Your Boss if Looking for


  • Willing to Work- Your boss won’t just be looking for someone who is willing to work, but someone who is willing to work when they are needed after CNA training. For most new CNAs, this means either the second shift or night shift in a nursing home or hospital. It isn’t just because these are the hardest shifts to fill either, although they generally are for most facilities. Second and third shift is also a better fit for new CNAs. It gives them a chance to learn the ropes, learn how to manage their time, and get their feet a bit wet before they are thrown into the chaos of first shift. If you aren’t willing to begin your career on second or third shift, you may have to apply at several different facilities before you find the one that is right for you after CNA training.


  • No Outside Interests- While you might think your boss wants you to be totally dedicated to nursing after CNA training, this isn’t the case. If you don’t have any outside interests, you will burn out faster and more easily, so don’t be afraid to tell your employer you attend those weekly chess tournaments.


  • Cockiness- Confidence and cockiness are similar, but two entirely different words. Cockiness implies you know everything, and there is nothing left to learn. Confidence says you have a strong grasp of the situation, but you are still humble enough to learn a new lesson. After CNA training, stick with confidence and avoid cockiness at all costs if you want to become employed quickly.


  • Personal Hygiene- In the world of nursing, personal hygiene is simply something we all must consider, not only for our sake, but for our patients as well. While you may have let yourself slide a bit while cramming for your state exam, when it is time to get to work, don’t show up at your interview with anything but perfect personal hygiene. Smell clean without having to use perfume, apply today’s makeup after you have washed off yesterday’s, and make sure you don’t have any dirt under your fingernails. Once you have your body taken care of, make sure your scrubs fit, are clean, and are free of wrinkles!


Gaining Employment After CNA Training


If you want to begin working right after you finish CNA training, then there are four factors you need to consider first- the factors your new employer will be looking for. The right attitude and cleanliness go a long way towards helping obtain employment after CNA training.

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