Failed Your Nursing Program? Next Steps to Take

nursingNursing school is hard. If you’ve just failed the program, or even just failed a semester, there’s no doubt you’re repeating that mantra over and over again. You’ve probably even inserted “too” between is and hard.

It can be devastating to find out all your hard work, all your time, all your effort was completely wiped out in a moment. While some of you may be able to go back and continue your training right away, others may have to begin their training all over again.

How do you come back from this? What steps do you take next?

Steps to Take After Failing Your Nursing Program

The first step to take after failing is to reassess your dreams and your goals. Ask yourself if this is really what you want to do with your life. If it is, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and take these next steps.

  • Repeat- Many nursing programs offer their students the option to repeat the classes they fail. Check with your nursing school before entering to see if this option is available. If so, the school may let you retake your classes. If you pass them the second time around, you can continue on with your education.
  • Transfer- If you’ve failed at one nursing school, try applying to another one. The credits you’ve already earned may transfer. Even if they don’t, you may still be accepted. From here, you can work toward your goal of becoming an LPN or RN.
  • Appeal- Some schools may suspend you if you fail a class or a semester of your nurse training. When this happens, you may be able to appeal the decision. The process requires that you prepare an argument that tells the school in detail why the suspension should be lifted. Make sure you are truly passionate about becoming a nurse, as this will weigh heavily in the school’s decision to lift the suspension. Keep in mind that even if you are let back into the program, you may be placed on academic suspension. This means you have to maintain good grades and pass your classes. If you let them slip again, you may be kicked out of the program for good.
  • Consider Taking Time off- While completing nursing school may be your dream, that doesn’t mean you have to finish it right now. Other issues in your life may be preventing you from focusing 100% on your classes. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to take some time off. Take CNA training and become a health care assistant instead. This will keep you close to the medical field, give you experience, and help you stay focused on what you want out of your life. When you’re ready to pour everything you have into the nursing program, apply to take classes again.

If becoming a nurse is what you’ve always wanted to do, don’t let failing your nursing program keep you from your dream. There are ways to continue your education when you’re ready. Just use these tips to get back into nursing.

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