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cna trainingCNA Training: FAQ

If you are thinking of a possible career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), here are the most frequently asked questions about the career itself, and CNA training.

 Q: What is a CNA?

A: A CNA, or certified nursing assistant, is an individual who has completed the required CNA training and is able to assist patients with their medical needs, daily activities, and certain types of nursing care.

Q: What are the job duties of a CNA?

A: CNAs are responsible for providing basic care for their patients. CNAs regular duties include bathing patients, feeding, dressing, recording vital signs, and ensuring patient safety. The CNA will also be responsible for reporting any changes in physical and emotional behavior of their patients to their supervising nurse

Q: What type of CNA training is required for this career path?

A: The steps required to become a certified nursing assistant include:

Accredited CNA training, which is available at most community colleges, adult education centers, hospitals, and through online CNA training. Individuals interested in becoming a nursing assistant should contact local medical care facilities and local colleges. These establishments will be able to either provide training or provide information regarding credible training. CNA training classes taken online can provide a perfect solution for students who need a more flexible schedule.

Q: How long will it take to complete CNA Training?

A: CNA training varies in length, depending on the establishment providing the education. In general, these classes are between three weeks and three months in length. Online CNA training classes may run longer than campus courses, due to the fact that the student is able to take his or her time with the coursework.

Q: How Much Does CNA Training Cost?

A: The cost of CNA training will vary, depending on a number of factors. Some facilities, such as local hospitals, may offer the classes at no cost for students who enter into a one to two year employment agreement. CNA training classes provided by community colleges or adult education centers can run from $800 – $3,000. Comparing prices between education centers can help a student get the best possible deal.

Q: What is Involved in CNA Training?

A: CNA training involves both classroom and clinical training. During classroom training, students will learn through lectures, books, and visual aids. Clinical training will involve hands-on learning at local medical facilities.

Q: After I Finish CNA training, will I be ready for employment?

A: Completing CNA training classes does not automatically make you ready for your new career. When classes are successfully completed, students will be required to pass a state exam to earn certification. Once this exam has been successfully completed, the student will receive their certification and will be ready for employment.

Q: Where can I find employment after CNA training?

A: Nursing assistants are needed in many different types of medical facilities. Many CNAs are employed at nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices, schools, and may even work as home health aides.

Q: What is the earning potential of a CNA?

A: Your location and the medical facility you are employed with will determine your pay rate. The national average for CNAs is between $8.33 and $14.22 per hour, according to Hourly pay should increase with increased experience. Certain employers may also provides nursing assistants with yearly bonuses.

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