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cna trainingAfter CNA Training

You will undergo very specific CNA Training before you graduate, and the skills acquired in this training will help you begin working in a career you truly enjoy. You will meet individuals from all walks of life, and you will become an integral part of the team that helps the sick and the injured heal and recover. Before you begin helping others, though, you have to find employment. Thankfully, the digital age has made this task even easier, and you can literally sit at home in your pajamas in front of the computer to search and apply for your new job.

After CNA Training: Finding a New Job

When looking for a position after CNA training, there are several routes you can take. Here are just a few.

  • Healthcare Facility Websites- If you are looking for employment, after CNA training, in a specific facility, go online and check to see if there are any open positions. Most healthcare facilities prefer that perspective employees fill out an online application. If the company is not hiring, you should still submit an application. Send a quick email to the human resources department if possible. Let them know you submitted an application and thank them for taking the time to consider you as a candidate for the position.
  • Online Classifieds- When you graduate from your CNA Training, go online to classified ad websites. Newspapers are published online and so are the classified sections of the paper. Type in a search for available CNA positions in your area. Respond to any ads you are interested in by faxing or emailing your resume. You should follow up with all leads every month.
  • Job Boards- Find job boards in the healthcare niche, but do not waste time looking for jobs that are not related to what you are certified in. Never pay to be able to research jobs on a job board. Do not register to find jobs either. This technique can be used to capture email addresses for spam.
  • Social Networking- The internet has provided a way for you to be in touch with individuals 24 hours a day. Do not waste time on Twitter or Facebook with silly pictures and statuses. Update your status to let people know you have graduated and you are looking for a job. You never know where a potential lead may come from.
  • Nursing Forums- Find a nursing forum online when you receive your CNA Training certification. Network with people in your field, and make friends with other members. Add a signature to your profile and mention you are looking for work. Reply to any job offers that are posted in the forum for CNAs.

Your career after CNA training can be an exciting and fulfilling one, but you must first get your foot in the door. The internet is a great place to start looking for the position you have been dreaming of, so sit back, relax, and let your keyboard help you find your new job.

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