Finding Free CNA Training

By Melanie Ullman
There are a variety of ways to obtain training to become a certified nursing assistant, including free CNA training. There are actually a number of ways that you can obtain nursing assistant training free of cost. A number of long term care facilities, nursing homes and even some hospitals offer interested people the option of free CNA training. There are usually some stipulations that come with accepting free training from an organization or business. If you are looking for an opportunity to change your career and move into the medical field seeking free training may be a good choice for you.

Many of the organizations and businesses that offer free CNA classes are nursing homes or long term care facilities. There are some hospitals that may offer this type of training but it is rare. A person that is interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant through a free program would have to contact the nursing homes and long term care facilities in the area to find out which ones offer this type of program. Not all facilities offer free CNA training so you have to do a little research in order to locate the places that do. You may be able to contact the State Board of Nursing to get a list of approved CNA training programs. This will help you narrow down the list of places to contact regarding free nursing assistant training.

The nursing homes and long term care facilities that offer free training classes do so with the intention of creating a strong, well trained employee. If you accept the chance to complete a free nursing assistant program then you must realize that the company that provides the training will expect you to accept employment at their facility after certification. They will require that you stay employed at their facility for a specific amount of time. In some cases you may have to sign a contract agreeing to remain employed for a certain length of time.

The free nursing assistant training provided will include both written and practical sections just as any other program. In order for most nursing programs to be state approved they must offer a minimum number of learning hours for both the classroom and the clinical portions of the program. Programs offered through a long term care facility or a nursing home are no different. Participants in the free program will have to participate in classroom learning to gain knowledge of the nursing assistant profession. Likewise, the clinical portion of the program may be performed within the nursing home or long term care facility amongst patients. This is a great way to obtain the needed skills to become a certified nursing assistant.

After completing the program some facilities will allow you to work in their organizations while you are waiting to take the test to become a certified nursing assistant. Some facilities will even pay for you to take the certification test. Upon successfully passing the CNA certification test you will work at the facility that provided the free training. You will be able to work a variety of shifts which will include 8 or 12 hours shifts that will more than likely include weekends. You have the choice of working mornings, evenings or overnight shifts. Committing to work in a nursing home in exchange for nursing assistant training can prove to be very profitable for your future.

With the availability of free CNA training classes, anyone with the desire can enter this exciting and rewarding field, and launch themselves into one of the most worthwhile professions there are. If you’ve wanted to enter the health care field but were concerned about the cost of education, you no longer have that barrier.

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  1. Andrew J. Padilla Says:

    I am interested in the free cna training certification. Zip code is 78233…(Wife works as an LVN currently at San Pedro manor)

  2. Megertu Trkiu Says:

    2310 East old Shakopee Apt B201
    Bloomington, MN 55425

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  4. Tinesha Says:

    I live in Birmingham, AL I am trying to find out where can I find a place who does training. please e-mail me

  5. shirley burns Says:

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  6. Karrah fernandes Says:

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  7. Elizabeth Cols Says:

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  8. shanna Says:

    When is the next cna class in long beach

  9. RoseMary Sleasman Says:

    Interested in FREE CNA Training at local nursing home or hospital will to work for facility once I have completed classes. Please notify me of the free classes or jobs in my area as soon as possible am currently unemployed and can start immediately. Thank-you. Looking on Cohoes and Troy,NY

  10. cna certificaton Says:

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  11. Lynn Bixel Says:

    Looking for online N/A training or a local free training program close to Roanoke,VA

  12. felicia weatherspoon Says:

    looking for help for free cna classes in my area

  13. Adrianna Bussey Says:

    Im looking for help for free CNA classes in my area. Im in college right now, im trying to get my RN degree, so I thought if I could get my CNA that would help out a lot. Im working in the direct care field right now. I live in Franklin, Ma 02038. I also have my first aid, cpr, and im also med certified.
    Thank you,
    Adrianna Bussey

  14. tiffany thomason Says:

    i would like to find free CNA classes in my area im a stay at home mom and to get a job in the medical field around here in ga you have to be certified they no longer accept PSA applicants and i was a PSA for 2 years.I live in Cedartown Ga. 30125

  15. LAVESSE HILL Says:


  16. yolanda Arambulo Says:

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  17. yolanda Arambulo Says:

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  18. chrishuna miller Says:

    i would like to find free cna classes that are cheap for me pay .i start college this fall for medical assisting n will soon return for for my degree n R.N n thought by me taking cna classes i would be perpared for the next step n it would help me pay for college i live n milwaukee wi 53218
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  20. yolanda reyes Says:

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  21. Tymesha Says:

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  22. Edwin A. Mateo Says:

    I am with the hospitality business for the last 15 years. I want to change career and CNA is the kind that I am attracted to specially home care,with my limited resources financially I am looking for a free classes and training.I am San Diego based. Anyone please help…Just find it noble thing to do.

  23. Andres Says:

    Hello I live in chicago and I would like to know where can I find free cna training thankyou

  24. maria Says:

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  27. Debbie Says:

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  28. ua Says:

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  29. Patrice Says:

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  30. lawrence chie Says:

    i am living in santa clara,ca 95051.i need cna free test guide book for study.cna training with the local red cross silicon valley chapter.

  31. Gwen Clark Says:

    I am trying to find free Cna training. I would like to work in an hospital or nursing home. I have an associates degree in health and would like to add this to it but can’t afford the clasess. I appreaciate any information that you can provide and I thank you in advance.

  32. Julia Ward Says:

    Looking for CNA training near Ellensburg, Washington

  33. SHUNNA Says:


  34. Stefani Hernandez Says:

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  35. Stanley O. Says:

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  37. von Says:

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  38. Jill Says:

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  44. Inez Says:

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  45. becky Says:

    Being a certified nursing assistant is such rewarding work. I love it.

  46. Brandi Bradley Says:

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  47. kesha Says:

    i’m looking for free nursing aide training near detroit,mi

  48. Ijeoma Says:

    Also looking for opportunity for free CNA training. Help.

  49. Jaden Says:

    Thanks for your article, Melanie. I personally find it very insightful. I agree that nursing homes are some of the best facilities at which you can receive free CNA training. However, you would want to choose one that is accredited and recognized by your state to ensure that you don’t waste time on a program that doesn’t meet your state’s CNA requirements. This can be tricky, though, as some of the educational requirements tend to vary from state to state. You would therefore be best advised to inquire at the CNA registry of your state before commiting to a CNA program. You can find CNA registry information by state at this site: (click on the drop-down list on the left).

    CNA Review

  50. eneida Says:

    I live in stratford CT,would like to know were to get free training for CNA, in zip 06615,thanks.

  51. Maria Says:

    I am interested in cna training in staten island ny. thank you

  52. Robin B Says:

    Maria: Since each area is different, you’ll need to contact the nursing homes, hospitals and private residential centers in your immediate area. Simply ask them if they offer free CNA training for individuals who will commit to working for the facility for a certain time period after the training is complete. Many facilities us the “free training” as an employment incentive.

  53. Robin B Says:

    Brittney: This will take some action on your part. Call some of the hospitals, retirement centers, assisted living centers, etc… Ask for the personnel department. From there, you can inquire about free CNA training.

  54. gloria porter Says:

    i used to be a cna in michigan.i got certified in fenton michigan.but my certificate expired in 2004 i have been doing home health in ironton ohio for the past 10 years.i just moved to fort wayne indiana 46815 in sept 20 2010 i cannot seem to fin a facility as a nursing home or anywhere that offers these classes im 38 have 2 kids and can not find no work i really miss working as a cna/home health aide please if there r any classes in my area or in any area please email me

    thank you

  55. Ronnetria Barnes Says:

    I live in Pontiac MI,And i would like to know were to get free training for CNA in Zip 48341, thahks

  56. Robin B Says:

    Either check with your local hospitals or your community college / adult education centers. You can Google the information for your area as well. Good luck in your new CNA career!

  57. Robin B Says:

    It’s good to hear from you, and that you miss your career as a nursing assistant. I strongly suggest that you check online for classes so you can renew your license. There are plenty of accredited schools online. Allied is one of them that has excellent reviews. The advantage to taking your classes online is the fact that you’ll be able to stay at home with your children and not spend additional money on daycare. Good luck in your quest and welcome back to the world of CNAs!

  58. Nielene Weber Says:

    I’m in Lockport, IL 60441 and I need to know where to get free CNA training. Thank you.

  59. Robin B Says:


    Simply Google “Free CNA Training Lockport, IL” and you may find some leads. If not, you’ll need to do the legwork, which involves making phone calls to your local nursing homes, Red Cross, and hospitals. Many facilities make deals with CNA’s and provide free training if you will sign an agreement to work with them for a certain amount of time. Good luck to you!

  60. Monique Dixon Says:

    I am interested in becoming a CNA again. My licensed expired in September of 2010. I would lke to retake the class or a test if at all possible.
    Monique Dixon
    1458 State Street
    Springfield, MA 01109

  61. kadie Says:

    when does this class for the free cna course, where will this be held my location is zip code is 19050.

    your reply would be greatly appreciated.


    I am very interested in obtaining cna. I am currently working at Catholic Charities in the healthcare of persons with disabilities, which entail direct care. I am CPR & First Aide Certified and Med Certified. I have been in the healthcare field for 10 years. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer. Please contact me. I reside in Schenectady, New York.

  63. viviana Says:

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  67. M Says:

    Please let me know if there is a free CNa training facility in Michigan… preferably in the detroit metro area.

  68. valerie Says:

    Hello, i took a cna course in highschool a couple of years ago, and i am now trying to get certified by the state, but im not sure where i can find my training program code? its mandatory for the application…


    I want a change in my career so I think that this would be my first step into the medical field. Please send me info about the free CNA training. Thanks

  70. W.Wethington Says:

    I currently reside in staten island and would be interested in a free cna training course that’s local or even in Brooklyn.I would greatly appreciate any information that would point me in the direction of success. Thank you.

  71. stefanie Says:

    Yes I’m interested in the free CNA classes please let me know if there’s any in my area my zip code is 32803 and 32738 both are my homes locations. thank you so much!!

  72. Amina Says:

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    Amina Miller

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    How do I find out if I qualify for free CNA training due to the WIA Act? I am looking to find employment in the Newberg,Oregon area. Thank you.


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  77. Rosa Ramos Says:

    Is there any place in Gainesville, Fl (32605)which is offering a free CNA course and training?

  78. Sharon Dunklin Says:

    I am interest in taking classes in CNA, is there a place in Greenville, Al (36037) which is offering free CNA courses and training? Or in Montgomery, Al (36117) Please consider in helping my dreams come true. I am looking for work and CNA is a good job for me. I am a volunteer Hospice with Southern Care in Greenville, Al Thank you

  79. courtney Says:

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  80. Kiesha Hinton Says:

    I am interested in free cna training. I have taken medical courses before (so I’m not new to the field). I love helping people and an very good at it also! I have 3 children so I know how to take care of other people! I work well with everyone, I get along with everyone and I’m a very fast learner. I have a very charismatic and energetic personality that brings life and happiness to any situation! I would love to start asap!
    Thank you,
    Kiesha Hinton

  81. Jean Says:

    Hi im interested in free CNA classes IN SoutBend IN.I dont have a GED or High school dipoma and I was wondering was there any classes going on that train.

  82. Ashley Says:

    I want too get into the free CNA classe program, how do I get into it ?? Any classes near highland ca or riverside ca???

  83. Nina Ellis Says:

    I live in Gary Indiana zip code 46408. I need to know is there any free CNA classes given either in my area or around my area.. Thanks

  84. tammy utz Says:

    I am looking for information on taking classes and changing my career. I live in Hanover Pa 17331. I took care of my mom whom had cancer. I love helping others in need. Please if possible looking for free Cna classes.

  85. annette Says:

    Hi I am interested in the free cna classes offered in or near chicago, illinois. please feel free to contact me at tne email.above. Thank you Annette

  86. Rachel Says:

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