Finding Patients When You’re Self-Employed After CNA Training

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When you decide to work for a nursing home or home health agency after CNA training, you’ll have the benefit of obtaining regular hours, but the pay may not be as great as you might want. This is because your salary is only a percentage of what is paid to home health or the nursing home. These agencies take what a patient or their insurance pays and use it toward their own expenses, profit, and your pay. By going out on your own and becoming self-employed, you can end up earning more money, and your patients won’t have to pay as much. It’s a win-win situation.

Being self-employed may seem like the better solution, but it isn’t always the easiest choice after CNA training. You agency or director of nursing won’t be finding patients for you; you’ll have to do it. In order to be successful in this endeavor and earn as much as possible, you need to know exactly how to accomplish this after CNA training.

Finding Patients After CNA Training

  • Traditional Methods- Looking for patients to care for after CNA training? Try the traditional methods of posting an ad in your local newspaper or hanging fliers in community centers, especially in areas where populations of senior citizens are larger. Make sure to include information about your CNA training education, your years of experience, and your best personal characteristics.
  • Word of Mouth- The easiest way to get referrals as a CNA is to talk to individuals you’ve worked with in the healthcare field in the past. They may know someone who needs help in their home, and because they have worked with you or around you, they will be able to attest to your abilities after CNA training.
  • Online Connections- Online caregiver databases are excellent resources you can take advantage of after CNA training. These services allow you to enter your information into a database so that seniors and families of those who need assistance can search the database and find you. Most offers areas on their websites where families can post ads as well, and you can respond to these ads instead of waiting for a patient to find you.

Grow Your Business After CNA Training

In order to become a successful self-employed individuals after CNA training with regular and sustainable income, you need to make sure you’re always seen in a professional light. This will help your patients become more confident in your abilities after CNA training. How do you to this?

-          Look professional. Wear scrubs, non-slip shoes, and a name badge when you’re working with a client in their own home.

-          Speak professionally. Use a polite tone and never raise your voice.

-          Keep logs of all your daily activities. These not only ensure the family that you’re doing everything possible for their loved one, but help them address issues with their health care provider that you may notice after CNA training.

-          Keep patients safe. Do what you can to reduce the risks of falls or other problems in the home that could impair the patient’s safety.

Becoming self-employed isn’t easy, but if you can find the patients you need and build a strong client base, you can become successful in this area after CNA training.

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