Five Tips for Passing the CNA Training Exam

cna trainingCNA Training

Passing your CNA training exam is the first step to beginning a new career. Without this successful moment, you can’t even think about applying for a CNA job, so it is extremely essential. After CNA training, you will be given the opportunity to take this exam, which consists of two different parts, but you may have to wait a few weeks or even a few months before your scheduled test date.

While taking the CNA training exam can be overwhelming, there are certain steps you can take to make sure you are totally prepared for it. Let’s take a look at them.

Taking Your CNA Training Exam

  • Be Prepared for Two Experiences- The CNA training exam consists of two different parts; the written part and the skills part. While both of these sections need to be passed with flying colors, they are both different from one another. The written section will contain multiple choice questions that you must answer during a certain period of time. The skills section consists of you performing different skills in front of a state examiner.
  • Keep the Little Things in Mind- While some skills may seem basic, they are comprised of little important details you need to know. These details are important once you graduate from CNA training, as they can impact the care your patients receive. A question on the written test may provide three “good enough” answers, but you have to make sure you are always looking for the “great” answer.
  • Study as Much as Possible- Even if you are given the opportunity to take your CNA training at the very end of your classes, decline if possible. Give yourself a few weeks to really study and understand all the material so you can be sure you’re ready for the exam. If you’re ill prepared, you might not pass and will have to wait even longer to retake the test.
  • Practice Out Loud- During the skills exam, some of the skills you are asked to perform will require a bit of pretending. Instead of disrobing your patient (played by your fellow CNA graduate,) you would instead simply walk the examiner through how you would take off the clothing correctly to prepare the patient for a bed bath. Because this is often the case, practicing out loud is sometimes a great help. In addition, repeating each step out loud can help you more easily remember it later on.
  • Don’t Panic- While everyone wants to pass the CNA training exam the first time, don’t panic if you aren’t successful. It can be difficult to not give into the pressure on test day and find your mind blank of any thoughts or memories. Instead of giving up, simply study harder and try again.

Are You Ready for the CNA Training Exam?

In most states, you can take the CNA training exam a few times if you have difficult passing it the first time. However, you must remember that most states will require you to take the course all over again if you fail the test three times. Avoid this if possible by make sure you are ready first before taking the CNA training exam.

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