Four More Reasons You Can’t Find a Job After CNA Training

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In a previous article, located here, we discussed some common interview mistakes that you might make after CNA training and how they could be the reason you are having such a hard time finding a job. If you’ve brushed up on your interview skills, however, and are still finding it difficult to find someone who will give your resume a second look, there could be a few more reasons you’re not getting hired after CNA training. Let’s take a look at what they might be.

Why You Aren’t Being Hired After CNA Training

  • Job Descriptions- Take a look at the three most recent jobs you applied for. What does the job description say? Do you meet every qualification that is listed? If not, that could very well put your resume at the bottom of the stack. Job descriptions are considered to be a baseline for hiring managers after CNA training. They want those they recruit to at least meet the qualifications, if not excel. If you aren’t meeting expectations, you may need to get some experience under your belt, take additional certification courses, like CPR, or simply look for a job you actually qualify for.
  • The Power of Words- While having a neat, clean resume is a great first step toward finding a job after CNA training, it doesn’t mean everything. Your resume needs to stand out, and the only way it’s going to is if you go the extra mile. Use powerful words that capture a hiring manager’s attention and highlight experience, achievements, and accomplishments.
  • Tactics for Your Job Search- So, you’ve applied to ten nursing homes and three hospitals since you graduated CNA training, but you still haven’t received a call from anyone who might be interested in hiring you. What gives? The problem may be the way you’re searching for jobs. Calling healthcare centers and browsing the classified may work, but if you really want to get ahead after CNA training you need to get online. Browse social media sites, visit healthcare websites, and post your resume on job search tools like Monster.
  • High Expectations- On most applications you’ll fill out, there is a section that asks you what you expect to earn as a salary, what days you are available to work, and what benefits you expect. While there’s nothing wrong with a billionaire dream, you aren’t going to earn the big bucks as a CNA. Research the average salary for CNAs in your area before you go job hunting and stick to that number. Remember, if you’re asking for a salary that is too much above average, hiring managers aren’t going to give you a second look.

Finding a Job After CNA Training

Are you having a hard time finding a job after CNA training? The problem could be the state of your resume, your high expectations for salary, or even your job tactics. By simply adjusting the way you approach your job hunt, you can find the job you want after CNA training.

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