Fourth of July Injuries: The Two Most Common to Expect After CNA Training

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If you decide to work at a hospital or emergent care facility after CNA training, you will soon learn that with each holiday comes a variety of injuries. This fourth of July, as individuals fire up the barbecues, toss a football, and stand outside watching their city parades, you will most likely be standing inside the hospital, just waiting for the first patient to come in.

Unfortunately, because individuals tend to become livelier, and more careless, on holidays like today, you will most likely see a number of injuries and problems after CNA training. Here are the two most common.

After CNA Training: Two Common Fourth of July Injuries


Fireworks-Related Injuries

Every year in the US, thousands of injuries result because of the use of fireworks. In 2009, the US Consumer and Product Safety Commission estimated injuries totaling 9,000. Over half of these occurred on Independence day. It makes sense if you think about it. Today is a day when almost every home in the country will be participating in or using fireworks to celebrate the anniversary of America’s independence.

As a CNA who has completed CNA training, you may not be on the front lines of patient care today, even if you are working in the ER. The first line of defense will be the doctors and nurses, who will evaluate and treat the injuries caused by fireworks.

Once the initial work is done, though, you will most likely be called in to monitor the patients, help with bedding changes, and perform other tasks you learned during CNA training. You need to be prepared. CNA training might not have prepared you for the look, smell, and feel of burned skin, and it certainly didn’t prepare you on how to react to missing limbs and fingers caused by fireworks explosions. Your job as a caregiver will be to stay strong for your patient and smile, even when you feel sick or want to cry. They need your strength and your kindness.


Weekend Warriors

You might not know it, but you’ve probably met a few weekend warriors since you left CNA training. These individuals, most of which are men, are those that love participating in physical activities, even when their bodies tell them not to. They are the 50 year olds who believe they still have what it takes to play touch football and the grandmothers who just want to join the fun and play a game of volleyball with the grandkids.

While these individuals may mean well, they will require the majority of your time on this holiday after CNA training. They will most likely suffer from injuries like broken ankles, hips, and busted knees; as a result, they will need your assistance performing many daily tasks they would normally do on their own, like transferring from their bed to chair or dressing. After CNA training, you must be prepared to assist them in any way possible.

The Fourth of July After CNA Training

While you may work in the background after CNA training, you will be required to step up and really participate today, especially if you work in the ER of a hospital. Patients will need your calm, kind words and smile, while doctors and nurses will need your assistance taking care of patients’ basic needs so they can concentrate on other patients who need their attention. Make sure you are ready for this holiday, and every other one, after CNA training.

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