Free and Low Cost CNA Training In Connecticut

cna trainingFree CNA Training

If you live in Connecticut and are interested in joining the exciting field of health care, you may be thinking of taking CNA training. This is an excellent option for those who want to dip their toe into the field and find out what it is all about, before they spend a ton of money on becoming an LPN, RN, or doctor. Becoming a CNA isn’t cheap, however, especially if all of the money you make currently is going toward food, gas, and bills.




Luckily, Connecticut offers many different options for those interested in undergoing CNA training in this state. If you qualify, you may be able to drastically reduce the cost of your CNA training programs or even attend them for free! Here are just a few you might qualify for.



Where to Find Free CNA Training in Connecticut


  • National Association of Health Care Assistants- While this association doesn’t always guarantee free or reduced-cost CNA training for individuals, they do sometimes offer scholarships for those who wish to attend CNA training and can’t afford. Many times, they also have information available about other options in your area and may be able to refer you to an organization that is currently providing low cost CNA training.


  • Health Care Facilities- Nursing homes, hospitals, and even doctor’s offices will sometimes pay for CNA training for certain individuals if they agree to work at the facility once they have completed the courses. Many are short on help, and are happy to pay for the training necessary, as long as the CNA is willing to help them out as well.




Free CNA Training: Jewish Home for the Elderly



The Jewish Home for the Elderly in Fairfield, Connecticut offer periodic free CNA training courses to those who qualify for their program. In order to be accepted into the program however, you must meet the following requirements.

  • You must have a high school diploma or have obtained your GED.


  • You must provide the facility with two letters of recommendation, and these letters can not be from individuals who are related to you in any way. The letters should address your personality, your education, your commitment, and why the facility should hire you and provide you with CNA training at no cost.


  • You will need to write a letter yourself, telling the nursing home why it should devote valuable time, money, and effort to hiring you and teaching you what you need to know to be a great CNA. You should also address why you want to become a CNA and what you can offer to both the profession and the nursing home.


  • You must complete an application. This can be downloaded at Click on the job posting link in order to obtain it.


All of this information must be compiled and sent to the nursing home via snail mail or email at:



The Jewish Home for the Elderly

175 Jefferson Street

Fairfield, CT 06825




Keep in mind that this facility does not continually offer free CNA training, but may be able to tell you when the next time will be when they offer free CNA training.


If you live in Connecticut and can’t afford your CNA training, make sure you look into these helpful options. Start looking today, because you never know where you might find free CNA training.

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