Free and Low Cost CNA Training in Nevada

cna trainingCNA Training

Are you considering CNA training in the near future? If becoming a certified nursing assistant has always been a dream of yours, and you live in Nevada, you can easily become one by taking a CNA training class and earning your certification by passing a state exam. In the state of Nevada, you will also be required to have your fingerprints taken, and then submit this finger print card to the Nevada nursing board.




If you don’t have a lot of money, however, your dreams may be taking a backseat to your bills. They don’t have to, though. In Nevada, there are many low cost and free methods for obtaining your CNA training. You simply need to locate them. Luckily, we have made that task relatively simple by providing you with a few ideas and options for obtaining your free CNA training in this state.


Where to Find CNA Training for Free


  • Highland Manor- Located in Elko, this medical facility currently offers trainee positions for prospective CNAs. Here you will receive free CNA training and you will be paid while you are trained. In order to apply, you must visit the facility in person and be able to show the facility you are dedicated to providing excellent care to residents and patients within the facility. If you show this organization how determined you are to work with patients directly, you will be much more likely to be accepted into the program.


  • South Lyon- This medical center offers CNA training for only $150. That’s only $1 per hour of the program, which lasts for eleven weeks. This is an extremely low cost, considering most CNA training programs in Nevada cost an average of $900. To apply, visit this center in Yerington.


  • Truckee Meadows- Truckee Meadows is a community college in Reno that provides a 150 hour CNA training program for just $458, about half of what a regular program would cost. This facility is also WIA eligible, meaning you may be able to attend the class for free if you are struggling to find employment and are currently receiving unemployment benefits.


  • Medical Centers- South Lyon isn’t the only facility that may be able to help you find low cost or free CNA training. Contact local nursing homes and hospitals in your area. If they are short handed, many will actually pay to send you to CNA training, as long as you agree to work for them afterwards. They will often pay for your tuition, transportation, and much more.


  • Colleges- Can’t find a community college that offers training at a price you can afford? Why not apply for financial assistance? While some programs may not qualify, many that are offered for credit will, and you can attend your CNA training program at little to no cost.


Obtain Your CNA Training in Nevada


Living in Nevada has its advantages. If you are interested in CNA training, be sure to check out the many options this particular state provides. With the various methods available, you can easily find low cost and free CNA training.

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