Free and Low Cost CNA Training Options in Utah

cna training

CNA Training

 Utah allows you to bypass CNA training and take the state certification exam if you have previous medical training, such as RN, LPN, or military training. However, if you don’t have previous health care training and live in this state and wish to become a CNA, you will have to find state-certified CNA training so you can qualify for the state exam.


CNA training generally takes a short amount of time, from three weeks to a few months, and while the price tag can be intimidating for individuals who wish to start a new career, Utah offers many free and low cost options you can take advantage of. Here are just a few.


Free CNA Training in Utah


  • Health Care Facilities- Many of Utah’s health care facilities offer free CNA training to individuals who are willing to work for the provider for up to six months after they have obtained their certification. Visit a local nursing home or hospital in your area and ask if they provide this service if you are struggling to find a way to pay for your CNA training.


  • High Schools- If you are in high school and do not plan on attending college, you may be able to obtain free training through the career programs offered by Utah’s public schools. The tuition for this program is automatically included in your regular tuition, and provides you with the chance to earn your certification and begin your new career as soon as you graduate.


  • Reimbursement- Have you already obtained your CNA certification? If so, consider finding employment at a facility that will offer reimbursement for your CNA training costs. To qualify, you will need to save any receipts related to the cost of your training and any expenses you had while you were taking these courses, such as gas, food, and supplies.


Low Cost CNA Training in Utah


Most of the CNA training centers in Utah will charge about $700 to attend their program. However, if you do not qualify for free training, you may be able to reduce this price significantly through this state’s low cost training options.


  • AAA CNA Training Center- This facility is located in Murray and provides qualifying individuals with a low cost option for CNA training. Eighty hours of classroom courses are provided, as well as clinical training. Classes begin as low as $295; visit their website for more information.


  • Orchard CNA Training Center- At the reduced price of $350, you can obtain your CNA training through this facility’s program in Orem, Utah. The training will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to pass your state test and obtain employment in health care, including CPR certification. For information on how to join the classes, call them at 801-770-2803.


  • An Act of Caring- This program can be found in West Valley City, and like the AAA CNA training Center, provides students with eighty hours of classroom and clinical training to ensure their eligibility for certification. Day and night courses are offered for three weeks, at $400. Visit their website for more information and to learn how you can sign up for theses CNA training courses.



If you want to become a CNA in Utah, take advantage of these free and low cost options for your CNA training.

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