Low-Cost And Free CNA Training

If you are interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant but are deterred because of the cost of tuition you should know that there are a number of low-cost or free CNA training programs available. Depending on your location  and your willingness to research there are a variety of sources to receive nursing assistant training. Even if there isn’t a campus-based program nearby, there are low-cost and free CNA classes online.

One of the best places to look for affordable nursing assistant training is the American Red Cross. Contact your local chapter to get information on the scheduling for their Red Cross CNA class. The nursing assistant program through the American Red Cross is a fast paced program that can usually be completed in four to five weeks so it requires a significant amount of time availability and dedication. All programs are taught by registered nurses. The program is state approved and graduates become eligible to sit for certification after successfully completing both the classroom and clinical portions of the course. Contact your local American Red Cross for the start dates and current tuition rates.

Another resource for low cost nursing assistant programs is your local community college. Most community colleges have short term nursing aide programs. Check to make sure that any nurse’s aide program that you register for via a community college is state approved so that you may be able to sit for state certification. Usually you will register for the program just as you would any other college course however payment is usually due upon registration. Most community colleges offer their vocational programs such as the nursing program quite frequently so you should be able to register for a class at any interval.

There is a no-cost option for obtaining nursing assistant training. Some nursing homes and long term care centers offer nursing assistant programs for people looking to enter into the medical field. This is done to supply their organization with qualified medical professions. There are stipulations to this “free” nursing training. The individual must agree to work for the company for a specified amount of time, usually a year, after obtaining certification as a nursing assistant in their state. The training both classroom and clinical is performed within the facility. Students can gain a significant amount of experience while working in a nursing home even while training as a nursing assistant. Daily contact with patients can be valuable for learning about the daily needs of patients. You can contact a number of the nursing homes in your local area and speak to human resources or the hiring manager to see if such a program is available.

With the rising shortage of qualified medical professionals there are a number of low cost or free CNA training options, such as Red Cross CNA classes, for beginning your medical career as a nursing assistant. If you have the desire and willingness, and are looking for one of the most rewarding careers in health care, you no longer have to let finances stop you from achieving your dreams and goals!

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  7. henry Says:

    were is the free clasess for cna?in dallas metro

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    hi my is bernice sando i jus want to kno wha do i need to take the CNA class. i low income tha why i need help take the class.

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    Where the free cna classes in indianapolis or low cost

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    I am trying to find free Cna training. I would like to work in an hospital or nursing home. I have an associates degree in health and would like to add this to it but can’t afford the clasess. I appreaciate any information that you can provide and I thank you in advance.

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    where is the free cna classes in florida or low cost

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    want to become a cna more than anything if i could get help with low cost or no cost it would be great Thanks :)

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    want to have a free cna training where can i find
    it in georgia,cobb county.

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    I was a cna for 20 + would like to just retake exam

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    i am from Ethiopia.i am so happy about ur program and iam first year graduate student in Addis ababa university. i am eagerly searching such kind of opportunity.is it possible to apply? iwent upgrade my clinical skills bcoz i am acadamiciam. please respond ur answer to my email address

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    Hello everyone I would like to take the can course but need help with finding and no to low cost course if you know of any. Can u let me know. Please and thank you. Nikita

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