Free CNA Training Available from State Nursing Boards

cna trainingFree CNA Training…Where to Find It

Are you looking for free CNA training? If so, you’re not alone. For many, the decision to go back to school to pursue a new career comes after financial hardship or a difficult economy. In many cases there are individuals who have decided to try and fill the void in the communities for qualified certified nursing assistants and nurses. This can be a difficult task when finances are tight and many are seeking free CNA training to help get them on their path to a medical career.

Where to Find Free CNA Training

There are several avenues you can take when looking for free CNA training in your community. One of the most likely ways to find assistance is by talking with your local State Board of Nursing. They can likely give you some excellent information by way of comprehensive listings of local assistance for your courses.

Scholarship Programs Provide Free CNA Training

There are many scholarship opportunities available at the local colleges and technical schools. These scholarships are often based on a financial criteria being met by the applicant and the appropriate dynamics being scored to those individuals. If you fit the criteria you will be able to obtain free CNA training to start your career off on the right foot.

Work Programs for Free CNA Training

The State Board of Nursing can provide interested individuals a list of hospitals and medical facilities that participate in work programs for your education. By working in the facility you can earn your CNA training and your certification. For some facilities if you are drawing a regular pay check and agree to sign a contract to work for them for a set amount of time after your certification your education will be paid for by the facility. This is a terrific way to get your foot in the door at the same time as earning your certification.

State Board of Nursing Available Funds for Free CNA Training

In addition to being able to direct interested individuals to potential free CNA training resources, the State Board of Nursing may have funds allocated to help a certain number of students reach their educational goals by way of grants or scholarships. Not all State Boards of Nursing will have these funds available and you will need to inquire with your local branch for further information as to what they can offer you for help toward your educational goals.

Obtaining free CNA training is not impossible. In fact, thanks to a shortage of qualified professionals in many communities there are new programs developing every day to help get those who are unable to manage the expenses trained and out in the field as soon as possible. Finding the right program for you is a matter of reaching out to your State Board of Nursing for help. Following their instructions on where to look for free CNA training can be just the ticket to your new and rewarding career.

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  1. July Ja Tawng Says:

    Hi! I’m really interested in curing sick people.
    And want to study in America.So I have connected this website.Thank you.

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    i want to be a certified nursing assistant

  3. dr qadeer ahmed Says:

    i want to be a certified nursing assistant .i had started a clinic in which i provide health care to the peoples.

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    Dear Sir/Madam
    Please let me know about this certified nursing assistant,i also want to help the poor sick peoples in my country.Moreover compleate detail is required in this regard.

  5. Tyffanie Hintz Says:

    I got my CNA/HHA & CMA in 2004. They expired in 2007 and just now got DDNA. I am wanting to get my longterm and med aide back but I am having trouble finding the help to do so… any suggestions?

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    Hi i want to be a certified nursing assistant .

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    I’m going to school for nursing assistant n I wanna know is tht considered a degree ….bc I’m having financial issues with fasfa just to tell them if its a degree or none degree

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    I want to be a certified nursing asistant i live in queens ny an was wondering if there were any free training out here?

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    i want to be a provider for certified nursing assistant.

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    Please help me find a class for cna this is my dream to help people in need I want to be in thus amazing career field I eventually want to advance into the medical field but this would be a amazing start

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    Hi I’m Selena and I am very interested in free CNA traing programs and would love to hear more bout them!!!

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    Hello, I’m really interested on become a CNA, but I don’t have funds to take it. This is a desire of my heart. Why? I have many reasons of why, one of them is because I want to be more prepare, am already a certified CERT volunteer (first responder in case of an event like a hurracaine, etc), and a member of MRC (Medical Reserve Corps), they have trained me, and I know the basics of a triage, and I have been in an awesome drills, to take to practice what we’ve learned, but I want to go further, and hit my goal. So Please I need your help, I love to help people, and if am better prepare, I will be more helpful. Thanks in advance. God bless you.

  14. Carmen Rebeca Hernandez Says:

    I am from Houston, TX.

  15. Brashunda McCray Says:

    I was once a certified nursing assistant. I had my certification for about 15 years. However i became the activity director for the long term care facility that i was working at and my license expired. will i have to take the course over again?





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    I,am looking for free cna training in Buffalo ny

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