Free CNA Training Classes in Wyoming

cna trainingCNA Training

Like all states, Wyoming requires individuals to take and complete a CNA training program and sit for, and pass, a state test in order to become a certified nursing assistant. If you are thinking of obtaining your certification by attending a CNA training class in this state, you may want to take a good look at the cost of these courses. While many are available for only a few hundred dollars, some can be rather expensive.


If the cost of these CNA training courses has you doubting whether you can actually take the next to starting your new career in the medical field, you don’t have to worry. Wyoming offers a few options you can take advantage of to reduce the amount you have to pay for your CNA training.



How to Obtain Low-Cost and Free CNA Training


  • SunBridge Healthcare- If you live near Saratoga, you may want to consider contacting SunBridge Healthcare. This medical facility often provides free CNA training to individuals who can show their desire to improve the lives of others. While their free courses are not always available, you should contact them to see when and if they will be offering CNA training in the future. In order to be accepted into the program, keep in mind that you must have graduated from high school already and be able to pass both a back ground check and a drug test.


  • Reimbursement- There may be times when you don’t qualify for employer-sponsored CNA training and have to pay for your classes yourself. This doesn’t mean your CNA training still can’t be free, however. In most states, Medicaid and Medicare certified medical facilities are required by law to reimburse individuals for their CNA training. In order to receive this reimbursement, however, the facility must be the first place you are employed as a CNA and you must have finished taking your CNA training less than a year before you were hired. At times, if you have been a CNA for more than six months without being hired, you will only be able to receive a portion of your tuition back.


Medical Facilities That May Help You Obtain Free CNA Training


While most medical facilities in Wyoming don’t provide CNA training themselves, many will sponsor you in a program. Not all of the following facilities may be currently offering this option at this time, but many may be able to help you obtain the free CNA training you need.



Castle Rock Convalescent Center

1445 Uinta

Green River, Wyoming


Ivinson Memorial Hospital

255 North 30th Avenue

Laramie, Wyoming


Morning Star Care Center

P.O. Box 859

Fort Washakie, Wyoming


Pioneer Manor Nursing Home

900 West 8th Street

Gillette, Wyoming


Crook County Medical Services

Box 517

Sundance, Wyoming


New Horizons Care Center

1115 Lane 12

Lovell, Wyoming


Westview Health Care Center

1990 West Loucks Street

Sheridan, Wyoming


Sheridan Manor

1851 Big Horn Avenue

Sheridan, Wyoming


Becoming a CNA in the state of Wyoming isn’t difficult, if you know where to find the best options. Consider these tips when you are looking for free CNA training.

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