Free CNA Training in Arkansas

cna trainingCNA Training in Arkansas

Have you ever considered taking CNA training? If you live in the Natural State and are considering a change in careers, CNA training may be the perfect option for you, and it doesn’t take much time at all. In fact, you can earn your CNA license in as little as a week in some areas, and the majority of CNA training classes don’t last more than a few months.


While the amount of time it takes to enter this area of the health care field may be an exciting enough reason to check it out, it isn’t the only perk available to residents of Arkansas. This job is also in high demand, providing you with fantastic job security and excellent pay. On top of that, many locations in Arkansas will also allow you to undergo CNA training at absolutely no cost to you.


Interested? Consider the following locations where you can obtain free CNA training in the Natural State.


Free CNA Training in Arkansas


  • ADH In-Home Health and Hospice- Located in Little Rock, this health department provides free week-long CNA classes to individuals who wish to become nursing aids. Students can take these classes at any health department in the state after registration. You may contact them at 501-661-2951.
  • Petra Allied Health- This program provides Arkansas residents with free CNA training on a sponsorship level. In other words, the program will pay for your tuition, but in return you must agree to work with one of their partner nursing homes once you complete your training. Contact them by phone at 479-750-9876.
  • Ozark Medical Center- This nursing home and hospital helps aspiring CNAs complete their CNA training with a two week course. After the course is completed, CNAs must work for the hospital for three weeks. Once they do so, the center will pay for the CNAs to take their state test and become licensed in Arkansas. You may contact them at 501-745-7000 for more information.
  • Woodland Hills Healthcare and Rehab- This nursing home and rehabilitation center in Jacksonville pays for students to complete CNA courses and follow their dreams. However, they only provide this free training to individuals with clean background checks. In order to qualify, you must pay $22 to have a background check done. If you fail the check, you will not receive your money back and will be unable to qualify for training through this facility. For more information, please call 501-241-2191.
  • Cabot Nursing and Rehab- If you live in or around Cabot and have a clean background, consider taking advantage of the free CNA training offered by this facility. Before you can be enrolled in the courses, you must pay $20 for a background check and pass it successfully. Other requirements may have to be met as well, so be sure to contact them at 501-843-6181.
  • Cabot Manor Nursing Home- If you live in Cabot and are willing to work for Cabot Manor Nursing Home for a certain amount of time after you complete your training, you may be able to receive free CNA training through this facility. Contact the nursing home at 501-843-6181 for a list of requirements and to find out if you will need to pay for any expenses out of your own pocket.


 Obtain Free CNA Training in Arkansas


Looking for free training to become a CNA in Arkansas? No problem. If you know where to look, you can always find free CNA training.


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