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Are you ready to begin a rewarding career by obtaining your CNA training? Health care has never been as promising as it is now, and CNA training could provide you with the skills and experience you need to get your foot in the door and begin working in the health care field right away.

As promising as this sounds, though, there may be one issue you may be struggling with: how you will pay for your CNA training. It can be expensive, sometimes costing over a thousand dollars for a month long course.


Fortunately, you don’t have to worry very much. While California does require 160 hours of classroom and clinical CNA training, they do provide assistance to individuals who are unable to afford these courses through a few free CNA training options.


Finding Free CNA Training in California


  • High School- If you don’t plan on attending college after high school, why not begin training for your new career right now? Many high schools in California offer free CNA training to students who wish to enter the nursing assistant field. The training obtained will be state approved and will enable the student to obtain the knowledge necessary to obtain certification after high school. These courses are offered as part of the student’s high school tuition and can be a fantastic stepping stone to a rewarding career.
  • Homestead Schools- Located in Torrance, this CNA training program offers student the opportunity to complete a five week long course, including both classroom and clinical training, without paying a cent of tuition. Students will have cover the cost of their uniforms and text books, but the majority of the cost will be covered by the CNA program itself.
  • In Home Supportive Services Consortium- Do you have experience caring for loved ones at home? Do you have the patient, comptentence, and compassion needed to help individuals in need with the care they need while they are still living at home? If so, in Home Supportive Services Consortium may be able to help you obtain free CNA training. Visit for more information.
  • California Long Term Care Education Center- This center is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and retrain individuals in order to improve their chances of becoming employed. Branches are available in almost every major city in California, including El Centro, Crescent city, San Jose, and San Francisco.
  • Nursing homes- Like many other states, some nursing homes in California provide CNAs with the opportunity to obtain free CNA training in exchange for an obligation to work. Some facilities in California that provide this opportunity include: Applewood Inn in Redding, Country Villa Los Feliz in Los Angeles, Edgemoor Geriatric Hosptial in Santee, Brierwood Terrace Convalescent Hospital in Los Angeles, Manorcare Health Services in Citrus Heights, and  Sherman Village Care Center in North Hollywood.


Obtain Your Free CNA Training Today in California


If you live in California and want to become a CNA, don’t let the cost of training stop you. Use these tips today to obtain free CNA training.

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