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cna trainingCNA Training

Are you looking to begin a new career through CNA training? If you live in Colorado and have always dreamed of entering the health care field, becoming a CNA through CNA training may be a fantastic option for you. This type of training is short and can provide you with the knowledge necessary to become a certified nursing assistant and begin your career at an entry-level position. With this type of career, you will be providing patients with basic, and mostly non-medical, care.


In order to begin your new health care career in Colorado, however, you must first take a state approved CNA training course and pass a state exam. This can be expensive, and if you don’t currently have a job, or your weekly paycheck goes to pay all of your bills and put food on your table, you may be wondering exactly where you will find the cash to pay for your CNA training.


Luckily, Colorado offers many options that can help you obtain your CNA training at little to no cost to you, so you can begin your new life in the health care industry as quickly as possible.



Where to Find Free CNA Training in Colorado


  • Nursing Homes- The best way to obtain free CNA training in Colorado is to contact nursing homes and long term care facilities. Many times, these facilities will offer free CNA training, or the opportunity to attend free training, to individuals who are interested in joining the health care field and are passionate about caring for others. Most of these medical facilities will require you to work for them for several months after you finish your CNA courses and some will reimburse you for the cost of your training if you recently completed it and paid for it yourself.


  • Colleges- Several community colleges in Colorado offer state-approved CNA training courses. If these courses are offered for credit, you can apply for grants and scholarships. These forms of financial aid may be able to cover the entire cost of your CNA training, along with any additional expenses, like your scrubs, textbooks, and transportation costs.


  • Board of Nursing- Colorado’s Board of Nursing may be the perfect place to begin finding free CNA training options in your area. They can provide you with information on the various programs throughout your state, including how much each one costs, what nursing homes work with these CNA training courses and may be willing to pay for your education, and which ones will allow you to cover costs with financial aid.


  • Goodwill- In Colorado Springs, you may be able to obtain free CNA training through Goodwill. This establishment has a program called Welfare to Work, which helps those who want to work obtain the training they need to become successful employees in the healthcare sector. Contact them via phone at 719-444-5041 for information on when the next batch of individuals will be selected for CNA training and how you can apply.


Obtain Your Free CNA Training Today!


If you are interested in becoming a CNA and live in Colorado, consider these fantastic options if you can’t or don’t want to pay for your CNA training

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