Free CNA Training in Georgia

cna trainingFree CNA Training

 The majority of individuals who complete CNA training in the state of Georgia earn an average of $14 an hour. Many of these students are privileged enough to take part in CNA training that includes EKG training and phlebotomy, both of which can increase earning potential significantly and make it easier for CNAs to find better employment.


Sounds great, doesn’t it? So what’s holding you back? If you haven’t obtained your CNA training yet because you are worried about how much it costs, now is the time to learn as much as you can about free CNA training in Georgia. It is available, if you know where to look, and we can help you find it.

Finding Free CNA Training in Georgia


  • Scholarships- Georgia provides many opportunities for individuals who want to become CNAs, and at times they even offer scholarships and grants to help cover the costs of these classes. If you are thinking of obtaining a scholarship or grant for CNA training, contact Georgia’s Nursing Board. They will help you locate financial assistance for you schooling and help you learn how to apply and assist you with obtaining information on what each scholarship requires.
  • Reimbursement- Have you already obtained your CNA training? If so, you could easily get your money back by working in a medical facility in Georgia. Many healthcare facilities will reimburse you for your training and anything you had to pay in order to obtain it. In fact, many nursing facilities that have been certified by Medicare and Medicaid are required by law to reimburse you.
  • High School- Like many states, Georgia often provides free CNA training to high school students as part of their regular tuition. If you attend a high school in Georgia that offers this type of CNA training, you could potentially graduate with both a diploma and a certified nursing assistant certification. One such high school is the Fannin County High School located in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Contact them at 706-632-7583 for more information.
  • Nursing Homes- There are many nursing homes in this state that provide CNA training to individuals for free in exchange for work agreements. Students would simply need to agree to work for the facility for a certain period of time and the nursing home would pay for their CNA courses. The following are just a few of the nursing homes that may provide this service

-Beverly Healthcare, with branches in Tifton, Decatur, Augusta, Atlanta, and Jessup
-Blue Ridge Health Care in Blue Ridge, Georgia
-Friendship Health and Rehabilitation Center in Cleveland
-Pineview Health Care in Pineview, Georgia
-Presbyterian Village in Austell
-Westwood Nursing Center in Statesboro, Georgia

  • Covenant CNA School- This school provides CNAs with the opportunity to obtain free CNA training through the Workforce Investment Act. In order to qualify, your household income, employment status, and a background check will be scrutinized to determine eligibility. To speak to an administrator about this opportunity, contact the Covenant CNA school in Atlanta at 404-733-5491.


Obtain Your CNA Training in Georgia


If you want to become a CNA, don’t put off your dreams just because of the cost. There are many places in Georgia where you can obtain free CNA training.

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