Free CNA Training in Idaho

cna trainingCNA Training

Are you thinking of becoming a CNA in the state of Idaho? CNA training in this state generally costs between a few hundred to several hundred dollars. While this is a reasonable cost for state-approved CNA training that can provide you with the education and skills you need to earn your certification, but not everyone can afford even this reasonable cost with the state the economy is in right now.



So, what do you do if you want to begin a new career in Idaho, but still want to be able to afford to keep your lights on and food on the table? You take advantage of the fantastic opportunities available to you in this state and earn your CNA training certification without spending a dime.


Free CNA Training Opportunities in Idaho


  • Department of Health- If you are interested in taking free CNA training in Idaho, your first phone call should be to the department of health and welfare in your city or town. This department will have information on every CNA training program available in the area and will be able to tell you if any programs offer free training. They will also be able to give you information regarding state assistance for CNA training.


  • CNA Training Programs- One of the next steps you can take to obtain free CNA training is to contact the different programs in your area. Talk to the administrators and find out how much the training costs. Then find out if any financial assistance is offered or whether the CNA training qualifies for state assistance.


  • Adult Education Facilities- Contact the adult education facilities and community colleges in your area. Many times, these locations will offer CNA training and will be able to help you locate financial assistance for their program, if it is available. Keep in mind though, that you may need to fill out separate applications for scholarships and grants, along with your application to the CNA training program.


  • Medical Facilities- If you are looking for free CNA training, consider one of the medical facilities in your area. Many times, these facilities either provide CNA training themselves or may be willing to pay for your training at another facility. In exchange, you may have to work at the facility for a certain amount of time as a CNA once you have earned your certification. Before you apply at these facilities, however, make sure you understand exactly what they will provide you, how long you will be expected to work for the facility, and find out if you will be paid for actually taking the training.


Nursing Homes That May Provide Free CNA Training in Idaho


While not every nursing home will provide free training, there are some that do. Here is a list of some nursing homes in Idaho. Contact them directly to see if they will pay for your education to become a CNA.


  • Blain Manor- Write them at P.O. Box 927 Hailey, Idaho 83333


  • Mountain Valley Care and Rehab- Write them at 601 West Cameron Avenue Kellogg Idaho 83837


  • Mountain View Care Center- Write them at 500 Polk Street East Kimberly, Idaho


  • Idaho Falls Good Samaritan Center- Write them at 840 East Elva Street Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401


  • Twin Falls Care Center- Write them at 674 Eastland Drive Twin Falls, Idaho 83301



If you want to earn your education so you can become a CNA, but can’t afford it, consider these options for free Idaho CNA training.

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