Free CNA Training in Indiana

cna trainingCNA Training in Indiana


CNA training can provide you with the basic nursing care skills you need to work in a variety of different health care settings throughout Indiana. Finding the right CNA training in Indiana, however, isn’t always easy. Especially if you can’t afford to pay for the courses and need to locate free CNA training.



While it may be hard to find, free training is available in the Hoosier state for those who need it. In the following article we will discuss some of the locations within the state you can obtain training at little to no cost to you.


Free CNA Training in Indiana


  • High School- In Indiana, many of the public schools offer free CNA training programs to students while they are still in high school. If you attend a public school that provides career training programs, you can complete CNA training for free and be ready for your new career as soon as you graduate.
  • Golden Living Center- Located in Elkhart, this facility provides free CNA training to individuals who are able to pass a drug screening and background check. Once you complete your CNA training, you will be expected work at the facility for a certain period of time. For more information, please feel free to contact them at 574-293-0364.
  • Primeway Institute- If you live in or around Indianapolis and are searching for free CNA training, consider contacting the Primeway Institute at 317-926-2610. This school partners with various nursing homes and health agencies in the Marion County area and will be able to help you find free CNA training through these partner facilities. If you apply directly for training at the institute, you will be responsible for the entire tuition, so please be sure to contact them and apply through a partner facility if you wish to receive CNA training at no cost.
  • Scholarships- In Indianapolis, the Indiana Department of Public Health Fund provides scholarships to individuals who wish to become CNAs. Funds are also provided to cover the cost of the state exam and certification fees. For more information, please inquire about the scholarships at your local Department of Human Services.
  • Work 101- If you are unemployed or have little income, consider contacting Work 101 at 317-375-2700 and asking about an acceleration grant. This grant will help you obtain your CNA training for free and get you started in your new and exciting career as soon as possible.
  • St Vincent- As one of the best hospitals in Indianapolis, everyone turns to St. Vincent for health care. However, you may also find they are extremely helpful in assisting you with finding free training to become a nursing assistant. In order to qualify for free training, however, you must have a high school diploma, a clean background check, and agree to work for them for a certain period of time after you complete your training.


Locate Free CNA Training in Indiana


Do you want to start your new career in the Hoosier state, but can’t afford the tuition for CNA courses? Don’t let it get you down. Consider these options and find free CNA training near you.

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