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If you live in Kansas, and have been looking for an inexpensive and quick way to enter the health care field, there’s a good chance that you have done some research into CNA training. While CNA training only requires a short amount of time to undergo and can provide you with the basic care techniques you need to begin your career in the health care field, however, it is not always inexpensive. Some CNA training classes can cost as much as $1,500.




Luckily, there are plenty of options available to you in the state of Kansas that can eliminate the cost of your CNA training or reduce it significantly. Let’s take a look at what choices you have so you can begin your career as quickly as possible.



Free CNA Training Options in Kansas


  • No Charge- In the state of Kansas, as stated by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, individuals who are currently working as non-certified nursing assistants in medical facilities cannot be charged for their CNA training. Their employer must agree to pay the CNA training provider the nursing assistant chooses or must provide the nursing assistant with another free CNA training option within the facility.


  • Reimbursement- There are a couple of ways that CNAs can receive reimbursement for their time spent in CNA training. The first is if they receive a job offer before or during CNA classes. If an employer makes this job offer in the state of Kansas, they will be required to pay for the training the CNA receives or provide them with training themselves. Secondly, if an employer hires a nursing assistant within one year of them completing their CNA training must reimburse some, if not all of the tuition cost of their training if the CNA paid for the training out of pocket. If the CNA has not received a job offer within six months of completing the CNA courses, however, the employer is only required to pay 50% of the tuition cost.


  • Government Assistance- There may be programs within the state of Kansas that can provide you with free or reduced price CNA training based on your employment and income. Contact your local health office to see what opportunities are available to help you start your new career.


  • Nursing Homes- While most nursing homes do provide CNA training directly, many will actually pay for you to take these courses at another facility. However, most will require you to sign a written agreement stating you will work for them for a certain period of time after you have graduated from your CNA courses, so it is important to choose the facility you want to work with wisely. Do some research on the various nursing homes in your area, talk to CNAs who work their currently, and find out everything you can on their policies, cleanliness, and practices.


Start Your Free CNA Training Today!


If you are interested in entering the medical field as quickly as possible and don’t want to pay a lot of money to do it, consider becoming a CNA. In the state of Kansas, there are many options available so you can start your career quickly with free or reduced price CNA training.

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