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For most individuals, CNA training isn’t just another bit of education they can use to get ahead in life. CNA training is their key to a new and exciting career in the health care industry. It opens doors for them, and allows them to work side by side with nurses and doctors offering the same caring and knowledgeable patient care they are. CNA training provides them with the skills they need to succeed in the medical field.


What does CNA training mean to you? Is it the option you need to begin a new life in a new field? If so, you should begin your courses as soon as possible and begin the career you have always dreamed of having. That is, if nothing is stopping you from accomplishing your goals and becoming a CNA.


What might be stopping you? For many, the one barricade they face when trying to obtain their CNA training is the price tag on the classes. Even in the state of Kentucky, attending a state certified CNA training class can be an expensive endeavor, with most classes costing between a couple hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.


So, where do you turn? We have the answers.


Where to Find Free CNA Training in Kentucky


  • Kentucky Works Program- This program has established different services for individuals who receive assistance through the state of Kentucky. They often have a variety of opportunities available to help you improve your career, and CNA training is often offered. It is pretty common for this program to pay for your CNA training as well, so you don’t have worry about the cost and can start on a new career path.


  • Nursing Facilities- All around the country, the demand for certified nursing assistants has increased greatly. Because of this, many medical and nursing facilities will work with individuals who approach them search for free CNA training. If you want to become a CNA, talk to one of the facilities in your area. They may be able to work out an exchange with you, where you work for them for a little while and they pay your CNA training fees.


  • Work it Off- Even if you don’t qualify for free CNA training, you still may be able to work off the cost while you are attending. Many nursing facilities will hire individuals who are currently in training and allow them to work as caregivers or non-certified nursing assistants until they have finished their courses. This will allow you to earn some cash while you are in training, so you can pay for the training yourself without taking money out of your savings or regular paycheck.


  • Scottsville Medical Center- This facility has a CNA training program you can attend for free is you meet certain requirements. In order to be accepted, however, you must qualify for a non-certified nursing assistant position at the Scottsville Medical Centers. Classes take place at Lawrenceville’s Canterbury Place, and the most recent begin this month. Contact the facility’s education department at 270-796-2566 for more information on how to apply.


Begin Your CNA Training Classes for Free!


Have you always dreamed of becoming a CNA? Don’t let the cost of the courses keep you from living your goals. Take advantage of the options available in Kentucky for free CNA training.

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