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cna trainingCNA Training

If you are ready for a rewarding and exciting career in the health care industry, you might want to consider CNA training. With this type of training, you can work as a certified nursing assistant by providing personal and basic care for residents and patients of health care facilities. You can help these patients perform activities of daily living, like bathing, dressing, eating, walking, and much more. You will also be taught how to monitor vital signs and answer call bells during CNA training.


If you live in Mississippi, you can become a CNA at little to no cost. This is because the state offers a number of different options for free CNA training and is willing to work with many individuals who can not afford the tuition required for CNA training or the fees associated with taking the CNA test or passing the state exam.


If you are interested in obtaining your CNA training certification in this state, and want to avoid paying the high cost of training, consider these excellent options.



Where to Locate Free CNA Training in Mississippi


  • Medical Facilities- Many medical facilities, including geriatric care facilities, nursing homes, and hospital offer free CNA training to individuals who wish to find jobs quickly within the health care field. Most often, the facilities will sponsor the would-be CNA throughout their CNA training, paying for the cost of tuition, as well as other expenses, like gas for transportation, uniform clothing, and supplies. In exchange for paying for your CNA training courses, these facilities will expect hire you to work for them, and you will be expected to stay with them for at least six months.


  • NorthEast Mississippi Community College- This college provides one of the most inexpensive CNA training courses in Mississippi. At only $350, you can obtain the supplies you need for the courses, take your CNA training, and obtain your certification for the state. Centers are available in three locations: Corinth, Boonville, and Ripley. In order to complete the training and gain your certification, you will also need to pay an additional $101 to take the state exam.


  • Grants and Scholarships- Several community colleges throughout the state of Mississippi offer CNA training courses. Many of these will also provide them for credit. When you earn college credits for your training, you will be able to apply for grants and scholarships to help reduce the cost of the classes. Depending on the amount of scholarship or grant money you obtain, you may even be able to attend training at absolutely no cost. Federal, state, and private grants and scholarships are available, so begin researching now and applying if you think you might want to obtain your CNA training certification through a community college in your area.


Obtain Your CNA Training Now- Start Looking for Free Training Today!


If you want to obtain your CNA certification in Mississippi, but can’t afford it, begin researching the various options available to you. You never know where you can find free CNA training.

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