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cna trainingCNA Training

CNA training is an excellent option if you are thinking of entering the medical field and want to find a fast and inexpensive way to do so. However, while CNA training is much less expensive than nursing and medical school, it can still be rather costly for students who don’t have a lot of money saved and are living paycheck to paycheck.


If you live in New Mexico, though, you may not have to pay anything to take your CNA training. This state has several free CNA training options you can take advantage of so you can enter a CNA training school, learn the skills you need to become a certified nursing assistant, and pass your state exam.


Free CNA Training Options in New Mexico


  • Medical Facilities- One of the most common ways students obtain free CNA training not only in New Mexico, but in other states across the country as well, is through medical facilities. Nursing homes and hospitals often hire individuals they believe have the passion and attitude necessary to become CNAs, then they pay for their training at a state approved school. Many times, these facilities will not only pay for the tuition a student needs, but they will also pay transportation costs, the cost of textbooks, and the cost of the state exam. Many will also allow the CNAs to work as uncertified nursing assistant while they attend training. Most times, these facilities will require the students to work in the facilities for a number of months after completing their CNA training, as a sort of payment for funding those costs.


  • Community Colleges- If you were to call around to the various community colleges in your area, chances are there would be at least a few that offer CNA training. Many also offer this training and provide you with college credits toward your degree when you complete it. While some CNA training classes cannot be paid for with financial aid, those that provide credits can be. Find a CNA training course that is for credit, then apply for scholarships, grants, and other types of financial aid to reduce the overall cost of the classes.


  • Welfare- Are you currently receiving welfare benefits for yourself and your family? If so, you should speak to your caseworker about taking CNA training. You may be able to obtain funding for your training if you can show your caseworker you are interested in becoming self sufficient and want to begin a new career that will allow you to do so. Don’t be shy; your caseworker will most likely be thrilled to help you locate the money you need to start CNA training so you can begin relying on yourself again.


Find Your CNA Training Today for Free!


Are you ready for a new career? If you live in New Mexico and are interested in changing your life, consider taking CNA training. While it can be expensive, there are many options that will allow you to attend for free. Find the options that are right for you and begin your CNA training!

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