Free CNA Training in North Dakota

cna trainingFree CNA Training

 If you are interested in CNA training and live in North Dakota, you are in luck. This state has more than fifty programs available that have been approved by the Division of Health Facilities and most are priced as low as $350.


Working as a CNA can be one of the best jobs you ever have. This type of employment gives you the opportunity to work with the elderly, the disabled, and the sick, caring for them and assisting them with daily tasks. While this type of work is tough and requires a great deal of compassion and patience, it can be very rewarding.


If financial hardships prevent you from beginning your CNA training, you may be able to obtain financial assistance through a variety of avenues within the state of North Dakota. Here are just a few.


Where to Obtain Free CNA Training in North Dakota


  • Job Corps- If you are younger than 24 or are disabled, you may be able to receive free CNA training through the Quentin Burdick Job Corps. Also, if you show you are committed to the CNA training, the Job Corps may provide you with additional free training to assist you with your new career. You will not be required to live in the center during your training in order to qualify. For more information and a list of requirements, contact Quentin Burdick at 701-857-9600 in Minot, North Dakota.


  • WIA- The Workforce Investment Act was established to provide grants to individuals who are unemployed for a certain period of time and are eager to join the workforce again, but are having a difficult time doing so. Many CNA training programs in North Dakota are required by law to provide unemployed individuals with free CNA training as a result of this act. The length of time you have been unemployed and your current income status will determine whether you qualify for these grants, so contact your local workforce office to determine if you are eligible to receive funds for CNA training.


  • Division of Health Facilities- If you are having a hard time finding free CNA training in your area, contact the Division of Health Facilities. This organizations keeps an up-to-date list of free CNA training opportunities in the state and will be able to help you find one near where you live. They will also be able to provide you with information on any grants, scholarships, or other forms of financial assistance you may qualify for to reduce or eliminate the cost of your CNA classes.


Nursing Homes in North Dakota That May Provide Free CNA Training


If you are unable to qualify for other types of free CNA training, consider visiting one of the local nursing homes in your area. Many nursing homes, as well as other medical facilities, will front the cost of the CNA training if you promise to work in their facility for a certain period of time. Here are just a few that may offer this compromise.


  • Ashley Medical Center Nursing Home- 612 Center Ave North Ashley, North Dakota


  • Ave Maria Village- 501 19th Street NE Jamestown, North Dakota


  • Dakota Alpha- 1303 27th Street NW Mandan, North Dakota


  • Golden Acres Manor- 1 East Main Street Carrington North Dakota


  • Strasburg Nursing Home- 409 South Third Street Strasburg, North Dakota


  • Woodside Village- 4000 24th Avenue South Grand Forks, North Dakota



If you are ready to begin a career as a nursing assistant in North Dakota, but are limited financially, consider these options when searching for free CNA training.

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