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Are you interested in undergoing CNA training? If you live in Ohio, you may be able to take advantage of a number of free CNA training options so you can begin a career in the medical field quickly and easily. This state offers many difference options for those who are unable to afford the training they need to start a new life. While most free CNA training options require individuals to meet to certain requirements, you may find that qualifying for free CNA training in Ohio is fairly easy.




Where to Find Free CNA Training in Ohio


  • Kingston Healthcare- Located in Miamisburg, this facility occasionally has available trainee positions within their own medical facility. Here, you will not only receive the CNA training you need to take and pass the state exam, but you will also be employed full-time and won’t need to search for employment once you receive your certification. For more information about how to apply, check out the Kingston website.


  • Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation- If you have been disabled, you may be eligible for free CNA training through the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, or BVR. Along with CNA training, you might also be eligible for medication aide training and medical billing and coding courses. For further information, you can visit one of your local BVR offices, or contact the main Dayton BVR Office at:

1435 Cincinnati Street, Suite 200

Dayton, Ohio 45417

Phone: 937-331-5000


  • WIA- The Workforce Investment Act, or WIA, may be able to help you obtain CNA training if you are unemployed. Typically, in order to obtain your free CNA training through this method, however, you must complete several workshops through your local unemployment office. While this might seem unfair and time-consuming, they do this to ensure you are committed to using the training they will be paying for before you begin. You can usually finish these workshops and gain approval for federally-funded CNA courses in three to four months.


  • Private Organizations- Some private organizations in Ohio have programs set up to help displaced homemakers, the underemployed, and the unemployed obtain the training they need to obtain employment. You may be able to obtain free CNA training through these organizations. Locate them by calling the job placement agencies, unemployment offices or adult education centers in your area.


  • Other Opportunities- If you are willing to work for your CNA training, you should visit some of the local nursing homes, adult care centers, long-term care facilities, and hospitals in your area. Many of these locations will pay for your CNA training, as well as other expenses related to your classes, if you agree to work for them for a certain period of time after you complete the courses. If you have already completed your training, many of these locations will also reimburse you for all the expenses you paid for out of pocket if your training was less than a year before your employment and they are the first facility you are working as a CNA in.


Obtain Your CNA Training Today!


Are you ready to start your new career? If you are having trouble affording the training you need, consider these helpful options. You never know where you might find free CNA training.

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