Free CNA Training in Rhode Island

cna trainingCNA Training

If you live in Rhode Island and want to take CNA training, you are in luck. This state is in desperate need of nursing assistants that can provide basic health care service for patients. Most of the care is non-medical and includes assisting patients with daily tasks, like bathing, grooming, eating, and dressing.



In order to work as a CNA however, you must first find the right CNA training. It must be certified by the state so you are eligible to take the state certification test once your CNA training is complete. These programs can be costly, and if you don’t have an extra $500 to $1,000 sitting in your bank account that hasn’t already been earmarked for your household bills, you might be a little wary of spending your hard-earned cash to begin your career in the health care field.


Fortunately, Rhode Island offers a solution to this problem with free CNA training. Here’s how you can find training at no cost in your area.



Where to Find Free CNA Training in Rhode Island


  • Adult Skills Training Program- This state offers a grant, much like the workforce investment act, that is funded by the state. This grant helps to provide training to individuals who do not have the skills they need to obtain employment in an in demand field. Free CNA training may be available to you through this particular program, however, in order to be eligible you must be currently residing in a low income household and must be ready and willing to begin a new career. For more information, please contact this program’s representatives at 333-7283.


  • Job Corps- The Rhode Island Job Corps, located in Exeter, provides free CNA training to individuals who quality. In order to receive the CNA training, you must be willing to live at the center during the entire program, which can last from eight months to two years. For more information, please contact them at 800-733-JOBS.


  • Grand Islander Center- This health care facility sometimes offers free CNA training to individuals who can show a sincere desire to assist and provide care to the elderly. In order to qualify, you must visit the center at 333 Green End Avenue in Middletown and fill out an application. You will then be interviewed to determine your eligibility. Applications and request are not accepted over the phone.


  • Health Care Facility- If you are unable to qualify for other free CNA training options, consider visiting a local health care facility such as a nursing home or hospital. Many times, these facilities will pay for your CNA training in exchange for contractual employment. Some facilities will also offer free training without requiring a work contract if you live in the area and there is a shortage of CNAs in that particular part of the state.


Obtain Your Free CNA Training in Rhode Island


Living in Rhode Island provides you with easy access to training at no cost to you. Begin researching your options today and begin a new and exciting career after you complete your free CNA training.

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