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Free CNA Training Programs in Illinois | CNA Training Class

Free CNA Training Programs in Illinois

cna trainingFree CNA Training

Are you interested in enrolling in CNA training in Illinois? In order to become a CNA in this state, you will need to complete a state qualified training program and pass the state test to earn your CNA certification. While this can be quite expensive, this state provides many free CNA training options and rewards qualified CNAs with salaries between $24,000 and $31,000 a year. For more information on how you can enrolling in CNA training for free, continue reading.


Where to Find Free CNA Training in Illinois


Throughout the United States, there is an increasing demand for qualified health care workers like CNAs. Illinois is no exception. If you would like to fill this void, here are just a few ways you can obtain free CNA training if you live in this state.


  • CCC CNA Scholarship- This scholarship was developed to help individuals who want to become CNAs obtain their CNA training without having to pay for it. Those who qualify could receive as much as $1,000 for their tuition and fees to a state accepted CNA training program. In order to qualify for this scholarship, student must show a desire to care for and work with patients and must already be accepted into a program. For more information, please visit the CCC website.


  • TTI Medical Training- While this organization doesn’t provide free CNA training themselves, they do provide you with the assistance you need to apply and qualify for government grants that could help you pay for your CNA classes. One type of government funding they help you apply for is the Workforce Investment Act, or WIA. This application may be a great option for you if you are unemployed, are part of the Illinois foster home system, or you household qualifies as a low income household. The application requires commitment, dedication, and patience, and it sometimes takes up to four months to be approved. TTI will help you become familiar with the process and fill out the application correctly so you can begin your CNA training as quickly as possible. Contact them at 773-774-2222 for more information.


  • A Plus Healthcare- This training facility works the same way as TTI Medical Training, but is located in Bartlett instead of Chicago. Depending on where you live in the state, this facility may be easier for you to get to for assistance with your WIA application. Contact them for more information at 603-372-2442.


  • Nursing Homes- If you don’t qualify for other types of free CNA training, consider visiting a local nursing home. Many of these facilities will actually pay for your training themselves if they are short on CNAs. In exchange, you may be required to work for the facility for a few months to a year. Also, if you have already gone through CNA training, you may be eligible for a reimbursement of all your expenses if the nursing home is run by Medicaid or Medicare.


Enroll in CNA Training in Illinois


If you are interested in becoming a CNA, and you live in Illinois, take advantage of the many free option they have for CNA training.

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