Free CNA Training Through The Workforce Investment Act

cna trainingFree CNA Training – Is it for you (and is it even available)?

Are you looking for free CNA training? Good news! The Workforce Investment Act sometimes (and in some circumstances) makes it possible for aspiring CNA’s to receive free training. What is the Workforce Investment Act and how can it benefit you?

Free CNA Training and the Workforce Investment Act – What is it?

The Workforce Investment Act was created to provide unemployed individuals with the opportunity to access the training necessary to begin a new (and lucrative) career. The whole idea is to help individuals better their living situations and quality of life. This is especially useful for single parents.

The programs is a win / win situation, since it is also intended to help create a better pool of skilled employees for businesses to hire. Although the Workforce Investment Act does provide career education for a variety of fields, CNA training is usually one of the careers offered, since the medical field is always in need of qualified nurses and CNA training is a quick process (generally less than 4 months).

There are two types of WIA which can offer CNA training. Here’s the breakdown:

CNA Training and the Workforce Investment Act – The Adult and Youth Programs

The Adult Workforce Investment Act Program is designed to help candidates over the age of 18 and are unemployed as a result of a lay off.  A Youth Workforce Investment Act is also available, and includes candidates who are between 14 and 21. Qualifications include a youth who is currently pregnant or a young mother. Other eligible candidates include youths who have been in trouble with the law, dropped out of school, are struggling with grades, may not graduate, or are otherwise at a disadvantage or risk.

For those interested in CNA training, The Youth Workforce Investment Act may be able to help some individuals who have already graduated high school (or even those who have dropped out but earned their GED) to train for a career as a certified nursing assistant through free CNA training.

Do You Qualify for free CNA Training Under the WIA? How to Access More Information

Some of the specific programs and education opportunities through the Workforce Investment Act may vary from one state or location to another.  You can access more information by visiting a One Stop Career Center in your area. You’ll need to provide certain documents and proof of your eligibility, but workers are always available to help determine if you meet the qualifying factors or not. This will be the time to inquire about any free CNA training programs which may be available to you.

Is the Workforce Investment Act and free CNA training right for you? If you are at all interested in a medical career, helping others, making a difference, and improving the quality of life of another individual, this may be a perfect fit for you. There’s no time like now to start doing what you love!

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  1. Darla Morris Says:

    I am 57 yearts old and unemployed, have been for 3 years now. Jobs are very hard to find for someone my age. I have been wanting to try to become a CNA for sometime now but couldn’t afford the training. Can you help me with this?

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