From Health Care Assistant to Nurse: Is it Really Your Dream?

health care assistantIn today’s world, there is a lot of pressure to succeed. Even when you get to a place where you feel like you’re happy with your life, the world is constantly attempting to tell you that it isn’t good enough. You have to go farther, you have to be faster, you have to do more.

But is it really what you want?

If you’ve been thinking about entering a nursing program after working as a health care assistant for a while, you need to consider carefully whether it’s truly your dream, or the dream of those whispering in your ear.

Is Nursing School for you?

We’ve heard the stories. In fact, you’ve probably seen quite a few movies and television shows that talk about it. People doesn’t always enter their career because they want to. How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m a police officer (doctor, therapist, fire fighter, mechanic) because that’s what my parents wanted me to be.”

These individuals may end up loving their careers. More often than not, though, they end up regretting their choices. They become burned out, dreading getting up for work every day and feeling anything but passionate.

Don’t let that become you. If you aren’t sure whether you’re living your dream or someone else’s, here’s a few tips on how to tell.

  • Does it get you excited? Are you excited about becoming a nurse? If you love your current work as a health care assistant, but become anxious every time you think about all they do each shift and the increased responsibilities, nursing may not be for you. It’s not an easy occupation, and you need to be passionate about it.
  • Who’s paying? Is a family member paying for your nursing school? If their willingness to pay comes with strings attached, be careful. If they are refusing to help you enter any other career, you could be becoming a nurse for all the wrong reasons.
  • Is the pay important? Nurses do make more than CNAs and health care assistants. They also pay a lot more in student loans and have a lot more responsibilities. If you are thinking about becoming a nurse just to get a better paycheck, you may find yourself regretting that decision later.

Quitting Doesn’t Mean You’ve Failed

If you know that nursing school isn’t your dream, that you’re completely satisfied with being a health care assistant, but you’ve already started a program, don’t think that you’re stuck. After all, you do have the option of backing out and saying no.

Quitting nursing school when it isn’t right for you doesn’t mean you have failed. It means you understand that your life is your own and this path isn’t the right one for you. Quitting nursing school now can help you avoid failing classes you don’t want to be taking and spending money on schooling you don’t need.

Are you thinking about moving from health care assistant to nurse? Make sure the decision to do so is really yours. Don’t feel pressured by others to do something more with your life. Your life is fine as long as you are happy with it. If you’re not, and you want to become a nurse, then take that step with peace, knowing you are the one who made the decision. If not, don’t be afraid to admit that you love being a valued member of the medical team and the person who does all the hard work behind the scenes: the health care assistant.

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