Funding Your CNA Training: Student Loan vs. Student Grant

cna trainingFinancial Help for Your CNA Training

Looking for help with your CNA training? If you’re confused about which financial assistance will be most beneficial for CNA training, you’ve come to the right place. Many students don’t understand the difference between student loans and student grants, so often make the wrong decision when looking to earn their nursing assistant certification. Hands down, the best way to fund your CNA training is through a government grant. Here’s the details.

Funding for Your CNA Training Through Government Grants

Want the quick and easy definition of a government grant? It’s basically free money provided to aspiring students who meet a certain set of criteria. Part of the criteria includes income, parent’s income, whether or not your parent’s graduated from college, your current living situation, your dependents, and whether or not you are married. Basically, the closer to poverty level you are living, the greater your chances are of being approved for a government grant. Once you apply and are approved, the school of your choice will be awarded the grant money and you will receive whatever is left over. Yes, you heard that right. The most you can receive from a grant is $5,500 (this is the latest information from 2012). If you are awarded a full grant and don’t need all of it to pay for your classes and books, you will receive a check for the remainder. You can use the leftover money for whatever you’d like. Often, students purchase laptops or transportation with their extra money.

You can apply for a government grant by filling out the online application on the FAFSA government website. There is a deadline for applicants each year, so be sure to check this, so you can plan your CNA training accordingly. Another stipulation you will need to think about is the fact that you’ll be limited to where you can attend CNA training. Only accredited schools that offer CNA training will be approved for your FAFSA application. If you are going for a grant, you should look into CNA training from your local community college. As long as your training is from an adult education center or community college, you shouldn’t have any trouble with approval of the school.

Funding for Your CNA Training Through Student Loans

Student loans for CNA training are covered more thoroughly in our article entitled, Student Loans, How to Get One Fast. All student loans need to be repaid. They are totally different than grants. If you qualify for a government grant, that should definitely be your first course of action. For those who do not qualify for a grant, or who do not qualify for a full grant, a student loan can be a good second option to help pay for all or some of your CNA training.

Before applying for a student loan, read through the FAFSA government website to see if you meet the prequalification criteria. With a government grant, you’ll be finishing CNA training completely debt free. Whichever funding you choose, congratulations on your decision to enter the medical fiend and earn your certification through CNA training.

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