Get Techie During CNA Training

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When you apply for CNA training, you expect to sit in a classroom and learn. So, you purchase pens, notebooks, pencils, note cards, highlighters, and erases, all tools that can be used to help you study, understand, and learn the important details you are taught. In this day and age, though, there are more tools available to you than loose leaf notebook paper.

As a student, taking advantage of the technology available in today’s world can help you learn more and achieve better results from CNA training. If you are about to begin your courses, make sure you are using these essential techie tools.

Techie Tools for CNA Training

  • Storage Back Up- You have your laptop out, you are speedily taking notes as the teacher writes them on the dry erase board at the front of the classroom, and saving them to your computer for future studying and use. Now, what are you going to do if that stack of notes suddenly disappears when your computer is attacked by a vicious virus or the hard drive suddenly decides it’s had enough in the middle of CNA training? This is where you need a storage backup. It may be as simple as loading copies of your notes onto a USB drive or using a free virtual drive like Dropbox, which stores all your documents online and allows you to access them from any computer with only a username and password.
  • To-do List Manager- When you begin CNA training, your CNA training instructor is most likely going to provide you with a syllabus. This syllabus gives you details, like what you will be learning, when certain assignments are due, and what chapters of your textbook need to be read and when. Who can keep track of all that on their own? While a written schedule can help you remember, a virtual one can make sure you do. Consider taking advantage of free and paid services from iTunes, Wunderlist, Google Calendar, and Remember the Milk, all of which will allow you to keep track of everything going on in your CNA training, some through your mobile devices.
  • Bookmarking Services- Ever run across a website that provides you with a plethora of information you need, only to forget what it was called two days later when you really need it? Don’t let it happen again, and certainly not during CNA training. Use bookmarking tools like Delicious, Google Bookmarks, and Diigo to help. These online bookmarking services allow you to sync your bookmarks with all of your devices. Firefox also allows for this now as well, but may not be very helpful if your computer suddenly calls it quits in the middle of CNA training.
  • Note Taking Applications- Yes, Microsoft Word does a fantastic job of allowing you to take as many notes as you want, but what if you want to share them with your classmates and compare notes? For these advanced note taking skills, you need a techie application like Google Docs or Springpad. There are several great, and free apps out there that will allow multi-user editing of documents and collaboration.

Techie tools can make your courses so much easier; use them and be prepared for your CNA training.

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