Get Your CNA Training Through Job Corps

cna trainingThe Job Corps programs is offered throughout the United States with the help of the department of labor, and could be your chance to obtain your CNA training for free. In order to qualify for this type of training, however, you must be between the ages of 16 and 24. While CNA training is provide for free, Job Corps is not for everyone. You must perform some thorough research on the program before you join so you can understand whether it is really the right choice for you.

Job Corps CNA Training

Applying to the Job Corps CNA Training program is simple. The first step you’ll need to take is to visit the Job Corps website and find a program available in your area. You can do this by visiting this website and clicking on the name of your state. Finding a program near where you live is relatively easy, because there are on average of three Job Corps locations in every state.

Once you find a location near you, visit the facility and enroll. You’ll most likely need to fill out an application stating your name, address, age, previous education, and reasons for seeking out this particular training. You may also need to take a background check.

Benefits of Job Corps for CNA Training

Choosing a Job Corps program for your CNA training not only means you’ll be able to attend CNA training for free, but you’ll also receive several other perks. If you choose to live at the facility, which some centers require, you’ll be given an allowance and free accommodations; you’ll live in a dormitory with other students your age of the same gender. You’ll also receive other perks, like free medical care and dental and free meals. You can live in the facility for up to two years and continue receiving all of these perks.

The Job Corps doesn’t demand that you spend every single moment of your day studying for your CNA training course, either. They offer a number of activities you can take part in, like field trips, cultural awareness programs, community service projects, and intramural sports.

In addition to these fun activities, the Job Corps program also offers other courses you can take advantage besides CNA training. You can take classes to become a pharmacy technician, emergency medical technician, LPN, or clinical medical assistance.

Is Job Corps CNA Training for You?

The Job Corps program isn’t for everyone, even if they meet the qualifications set by the center. This is mainly because some students might be offended by the number of rules created and enforced by the facility.

  • There is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to violence, alcohol, or drugs.
  • Student have to show up to every appointment, whether it be CNA training, counseling, or work on time and comply with the instructions they are given.
  • Students will not be allows to maintain or operate their own private vehicles on the premises.
  • If you want to leave the center, you must obtain permission first.
  • Cleanliness and personal appearance must be maintained. The Center Director will determine what is acceptable and what isn’t.
  • Students must clean and maintain their own rooms and shared spaces. Rooms will be inspected daily to ensure they are clean, the beds are made, and no contraband items are present.

Because of the strict rules, many students who want to become CNAs might not wish to do so through Job Corps. However, if this environment doesn’t bother you, this might be the perfect place to enroll in CNA training.

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